Alex Strohl – The Adventure Photography Workshop

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Alex Strohl – The Adventure Photography Workshop

Learn HOW Alex has become one of the most followed photographers on social media today. He will teach you how he uses his passion for photography and the outdoors to travel to the 4 corners of the world and work with internationally renowned brands like Land Rover, Canon, Google, Arcteryx… Just wait and see what he’s got planned for your successful journey to help YOU achieve and unlock photography goals that you thought were never possible until now.

  • 36 Video lessons in HD
  • 4h 51m of class content
  • Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime
  • Streaming and offline access on desktop and mobile
  • Offline sync with our iPhone & iPad apps
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Take A Step From Enthusiast To Professional Photographer

Alex Strohl brings his Adventure Photography Workshop to CreativeLive to explain his approach to photography, editing and the sometimes overwhelming but super important business side of things. In this workshop- Alex takes you on a journey through his shooting process, developing your own style, editing your images and then strategies to get yourself noticed and grow your career.

You’ll learn:

  • Basics of camera techniques and making memorable images
  • Developing your own workflow and style
  • Getting noticed and working with brands
  • Taking action to accelerate your career


  1. Introduction
  2. Gear
  3. Aperture, Shutter Speed: Knowing Your Camera
  4. Shooting at Blue Hour
  5. Creating Harmony
  6. Conveying Emotions
  7. Telling Stories & Developing a Personal Style
  8. Staying Motivated & Pushing Past Creative Blocks
  9. Trip Planning & Location Scouting
  10. Field Day: Working with Models
  11. Get Out & Shoot
  12. Pre-Shoot Prep
  13. Transferring Files & Making Selects
  14. Editing Part 1
  15. Editing Part 2
  16. Instagram Carousel
  17. Masking
  18. sRGB vs Adobe RGB
  19. Presets: Switzerland
  20. Presets: Iceland
  21. Presets: Desert
  22. Phone Editing
  23. Archiving & Online Backups
  24. Delivering Files to Clients
  25. Develop Your Style
  26. Managing Your Life Budget
  27. Building a Solid Portfolio
  28. Ad Agency vs Client
  29. Finding Brands That Fit You
  30. Talking To The Right People
  31. Creating Value for a Brand
  32. Saying No
  33. Getting What You’re Worth
  34. Paid To Travel The World?
  35. Decks & Moodboards
  36. Taking Steps to Accelerate Your Career


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Alex Strohl - The Adventure Photography Workshop
Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $29.99.