Amanda Diaz Photography – Beauty Photography Masterclass

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Amanda Diaz Photography – Beauty Photography Masterclass

Learn to Master Beauty Photography!

Beauty Photography Masterclass

Learn the basics of Beauty Photography with simple lighting setups,  shooting tips, and skin retouching in Photoshop.

Envision Yourself…

✔  Create stunning Beauty Shots for your own portfolio, clients and submissions.

✔  Understand a simple yet effective range of various lighting techniques that enhance your subjects features.

✔  Grasp the concept of Beauty Photography and have the skills to use retouching confidently.

“I created this course to help photographers who want to acquire a more in depth understanding of Beauty Photography and retouching, showing them that it’s not as complicated as it may seem”

Will Will You Learn in this Course?

I created this course to help photographers get started in learning the basics of Beauty Photography and its purpose. I will be discussing how to create your own beauty images by learning more about lighting, posing techniques and the general equipment used during a studio-styled beauty shoot. Then we will transition over to Photoshop as you follow along with a provided practice file to edit a beauty image from start to finish.

The Art of Creating Beautiful & Emotion Evoking Images

The power of an image that has the ability to change the way you feel or capture your interest, is solely the power of the photographer, this is one of the biggest draws to Beauty Photography. Learn to become a storyteller.

Course Curriculum Details

Introduction and Overview to Beauty Photography

Introduction to the fundamentals of Beauty Photography.

Shooting Beauty in Natural Light

Using a window as one of the easiest, quickest ways to get a beautiful portrait and how to utilize the light.

Lighting Setups for Beauty

Discussing the diverse lighting setups that are most commonly used when shooting Beauty Photography.

Shooting Beauty with Beauty Dish

Working with a beauty dish as a simple setup to achieve a more dramatic look.

Using the Beauty Dish with the Honeycomb Grid

Continue beauty dish lighting with honeycomb grid for more contrast and directional light with these modifiers to create unique and versatile light.

Clamshell Lighting With & Without Grid

Clamshell lighting setup using a grid with the main light source, showing the difference to create flattering, glowing light.

Using the Octobox and Emphasis on Posing for Beauty

Using a simple and inexpensive Octobox for the main light source, producing a soft and flattering look with tips about some of the basic poses used in Beauty Photography.

Octobox with Diffuser and Reflector

We continue to shoot using the Octobox for our main light source, but we will add a white diffuser to soften the light and a reflector to fill in some of the shadows.

Using Window Light and Beauty Photos Recap

Demo shooting while utilizing window light with browner rich skin tones.

Post Processing Introduction and Starting the First Image

Recap of the fundamentals of Beauty Photography as I cull through images discussing my choices that I have selected as my winners.

Skin Retouch

Overview of Photoshop panels setup and first steps to skin and hair cleanup using the healing brush tool and a blank layer.

Hair Adjustments

Simple hair cleanup continued using a blank layer and healing brush.

Skin Texture Adjustments

Continue image cleanup using the frequency separation method.

Skin Texture Detail Adjustments

Using the frequency separation layers to cleanup up the last steps of skin details with the spot healing brush tool.

Dodge and Burn to Create Dimension

Dodge and burn method using curves adjustments to make features pop.

Makeup Adjustments & Final Touch Up

Playing with makeup colours and finishing up the final details.

Second Model Skin Retouching

Initial clean up edit with our 2nd model in natural lighting, using a blank layer in conjunction with the healing brush tool.

Second Model Skin Adjustments

Continue image cleanup using the frequency separation method, preserving detail while fixing imperfections.

Second Model Dodge & Burn to Add Skin Dimension

Dodge and burn method using curves adjustments to create more depth in flat lighting.

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Amanda Diaz Photography - Beauty Photography Masterclass
Original price was: $157.00.Current price is: $37.00.