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Practical Go Foundations

This introductory course explores topics like strings, REST APIs, error handling, testing, sorting, and more! Perfect for engineers just starting their journey into Go.


This course will help you become familiar with the basic concepts of the Go programming language. Through lectures and coding exercises, you’ll learn about the core concepts needed to become a productive Go developer.

This course is part of the Ultimate Go Track. Not sold separately.

Please Note: All of our bundles are for a one-year subscription.

At the end of the subscription period, your membership does not automatically renew.


You need to know how to program and core concepts of working with computers (such as files, HTTP, memory management…)

  • A basic understanding of the Go programming language.
  • Completed at least the majority of the Go Tour.

You should have the following installed on your computer prior to the workshop:

  • Go SDK from golang.org/dl/
  • An IDE, either VSCode with Go extension or GoLand
  • Git
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ArdanLabs - Practical Go Foundations
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