ARRI Christmas Master Class with Julio Macat ASC

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ARRI Christmas Master Class with Julio Macat ASC DOWNLOAD

In this master class from Camerimage 2019, acclaimed cinematographer Julio Macat ASC (Home Alone, Wedding Crashers) is joined by 1st AC E. Gunnar Mortensen (The Morning Show, Transparent), DIT Arthur To (The Revenant, Game of Thrones) and TRINITY operator Charlie Rizek (1917) to create a series of scenes showcasing the holiday spirit, demonstrating the roles and workflow of a professional film set.Modules 🎬Interview with Julio Macat ASC 🎙️As we kick off the masterclass, Julio Macat ASC shares intriguing stories from the production of his iconic first film, “Home Alone,” and his latest creation, “After the Wedding.” 🏡🎉

Interview with E. Gunnar Mortensen (1st AC) 🎥Meet E. Gunnar Mortensen, a First Assistant Camera Operator from Los Angeles, as he delves into the role of a 1st AC on film or major TV sets. Learn about his responsibilities and the fascinating journey that led him into the industry. 🎬🔧

Interview with Arthur To (DIT) 📸Continuing our masterclass journey, Arthur To, a Digital Imaging Technician, shares his experiences on set and explores the evolving role of the DIT. Gain insights into his work on “The Revenant” with Emmanuel Lubezki AMC ASC. 🎞️🔧

Night Interior 🌙Embark on the practical elements of the masterclass as Julio guides us through his process for lighting a night interior scene. Uncover tricks and tips, especially for a holiday-themed setting. 🌌✨

Interview with Charlie Rizek (TRINITY Operator) 🕹️Before diving into practical sessions, hear from Charlie Rizek, a Steadicam and TRINITY operator. He worked alongside Roger Deakins CBE, BSC, ASC on the film “1917.” Charlie demonstrates the TRINITY rig, showcasing its ability to produce a wide range of shots. 🎥🔄

Creating Emotion with Camera Movement 🎥🎭Experience Julio’s direction in a Christmas-themed scene that cleverly uses camera motion to add dynamism and emotion, weaving together various story elements into one captivating shot. 🎄💫

Lighting a Scene with One Source 💡In this enlightening lesson, Julio shares a technique passed down by John Alcott BSC (Barry Lyndon). Discover the “coolest trick” he’s learned in his career and witness a unique approach to pacing camera pans. 🌟🔄

The Four Personality Traits of a Cinematographer 🎥💪In the final masterclass lesson, Julio deconstructs the personality traits of a successful cinematographer. Receive inspirational advice for aspiring filmmakers looking to build a meaningful and successful career in the film industry. 🚀🌈

Bonus Module – After the Wedding Interview 🎥🎙️In this bonus interview, Julio Macat ASC reflects on his experiences shooting “After the Wedding” with the ARRI ALEXA 65. 🎞️👰

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ARRI Christmas Master Class with Julio Macat ASC
Original price was: $349.00.Current price is: $37.00.