Believe In Boudoir – Top 10 Poses Bundle

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Believe In Boudoir – Top 70 Poses Bundle by Yuliya Panchenko

Included (Videos and PDFs):

  • Top 10 bed poses
  • Top 10 bench poses
  • Top 10 chair poses
  • Top 10 floor poses
  • Top 10 male poses
  • Top 10 standing poses
  • Top 10 wall poses

What is Believe in Boudoir?

Believe in Boudoir (BIB TV) is a premium online boudoir and nude photography platform that reveals an entire new perspective on boudoir and nude photography. Yuliya Panchenko, the founder of BIB, will teach you every aspect of these photography genres from an artist stand points, and guide you in turning your art into a profitable business. At Believe in Boudoir, we focus on the art of boudoir, the art of nude photography, the art of sensuality, the art of posing, the art of lighting, and business and marketing. We break down every form of art into their sub-genres and let your pick your styles, niche, and focus.


Hi Fellow Photographer!I am going to be your instructor for the most part of your journey on BIB TV.  My skills are particularly centered around posing and lighting for boudoir and nude photography, but I will also guide you on building a profitable business. So join me and hundreds of other photographers on BIB TV.If you have any questions, reach out to me directly using the social links bellow.
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Believe In Boudoir - Top 10 Poses Bundle
Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $37.00.