Ben Marriot – Motion Foundation DOWNLOAD


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Ben Marriot – Motion Foundation DOWNLOAD

Gain The Skills For Success

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create stunning animation in After Effects. I’ve condensed all my years of experience into the most essential techniques that really make a difference.
We’ll go in-depth on how and why, to apply them to any project to get the best result.
Whether it’s to promote a product, explain a concept, or tell a story, I’ll teach you not only how to use After Effects, but how to think like a motion designer.

Use After Effects With Confidence

Whether you’re a graphic designer looking to expand your skill set, a video editor wanting to add motion graphics to your projects, or a complete beginner, this course is designed to get you there and add 7 projects to your portfolio.
We’ll start with the basics of After Effects and gradually build up to more advanced techniques, so you’ll never feel overwhelmed or out of your depth.
You’ll gain the skills and confidence to tackle anything that comes your way, with hands-on projects to help you apply what you’ve learned and build your portfolio
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Ben Marriot - Motion Foundation DOWNLOAD