Ben Sasso – Posing & Directing Class


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Ben Sasso – Posing & Directing Class

Oh hey, welcome to my favorite class!

This sucker is jam packed with the good stuff. Easy tricks to create natural poses, Cues to foster genuine emotion, tips for flattering angles, how to create endless variety in your posing, and a ton more.

Absolutely every bit of posing knowledge I have is in here. Every cue I’ve ever used, how to create images that are full of heart, tips for fostering genuine candid moments, easy tricks to give you endless variety in your posing (because F getting stuck), behind-the-scenes videos from couples shoots, and a ton more.

You’ll learn how to gain trust so your subjects commit to your vision, how to create a set that fosters awesome, how to flatter the heck out of people, and how to naturally pose couples and individuals using actions and prompts. Posing breakdowns, videos, and TONS of image examples so you can fully understand every aspect.

Get ready, this class is a DOOZY.

Poding & Directing - Online Class - Ben Sasso

“This is the most in depth posing class I’ve ever seen! Prompts, videos, angles, posing flow, theory, etc. It’s all in here and every single piece of it has helped me. I come back to it before every shoot!”


     Showing your human side

     Getting comfortable with clients

     Gaining your subject’s trust

     Squashing their pre-shoot nerves

     Becoming a people person

     Setting expectations

  • ON SET

     Keeping a comfortable set

     Keeping everyone excited and engaged

     Bringing out a mood on set

     Confidence and trust

     Getting them to invest in your vision


     Endless variations on single poses

     Easily capturing genuine moments

     Shot lists for organization and creativity

     Giving direction and creating scenes

     Posing to enhance specific moods

     Capturing emotionally rich images

     Posing flow and efficiency


     TONS of tips for creating natural action

     Posing the face: lips, eyes, and expressions

     Flattering angles: legs, arms, body, etc

     Tricks for catching unique poses

     Video examples

     All of my directing tricks!


     Fostering honest and emotional interactions

     EVERY prompt and cue I use when directing

     Creating spontaneity

     Using body language to show loving connections

     Bringing out a couple’s true personality

     My favorite posing flows and actions

    Posing-focused behind the scenes video of an indoor & outdoor session!


    I’m always updating my classes and this one is the most regularly updated as I’m constantly thinking of new posing cues, prompts, etc. Regardless of when you sign up, you’ll have access to any new material added!

This self-paced class covers absolutely everything I do (or have ever done) with couples and individuals to make my job as easy as can be, to keep my subjects comfortable, and to create images with genuine, fun, and emotionally rich posing.

You’ll be learning through breakdowns of every directing and posing prompt I use, articles on posing theory, video examples, behind the scenes videos from an indoor and outdoor couple shoot, and TONS of example images to illustrate each tip.

After payment, you’ll receive an email from me inviting you to the class.
Then it’s education time!

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Ben Sasso - Posing & Directing Class