Film Editing Pro – The Art of Action Editing


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Film Editing Pro -The Art of Action Editing

The Art of Action Editing

A Step-by-Step Training Course from Real Hollywood Pros

Here are the Basics…
Get a unique opportunity to learn exactly how a professional Hollywood editor works.
Who is The Art of Action Editing For?

Anyone who wants professional editing training to rapidly improve their skills and skip all the trial-and-error of learning on your own.

Who Teaches The Art of Action Editing?
We’ve compiled the best editing strategies, techniques, workflows and shortcuts from editors working in the industry right now.
What’s Inside the Course?
37 Detailed 1080p HD Video Tutorials
Over 9 hours of lessons with step-by-step creative editing training
120 Minutes of HD Practice Footage 
Develop your skills with professionally shot dailies 
28 Homework Assignments
Follow along and re-create a fight scene together with us
High Quality Music & Sound Library
Over 800 sound effects, foley and music cues including stems
Printable Quick Reference Guides
Helpful tips, techniques and reminders organized in PDFs
Learn With Your Own Software
We teach creative techniques so you can use almost any program
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Film Editing Pro - The Art of Action Editing