French Trader – Forex Mentoring

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French Trader – Forex Mentoring

Become a profitable trader with modern trading strategies used by professionals!

  • The best Forex trading mentoring in 2021!
  • Become (finally) a winning trader using modern price action strategies used by professionals (not the technical indicator trading strategies that everyone knows and never works !!)
  • +7 years of trading experience and thousands of traders educated around the world!
  • Several hours of trading mentoring explaining all of my profitable trading strategies!

+$702.70 in 1 day !

Giussepe Almeida: “My day is already complete”

+$1.013.27 in 1 day !
Simpro : “It’s just goin all blue”

Sunny Azoff :

“I made $320 on my real account”

Henrik Söltzer :

“I only had 8 losses in my last 70 trades”

MT4 live account trade (no demo!)


 Access to the exact strategies I use every day to analyze the markets!
 Access to high-success trading strategies using professional markets tools!
 ​Access to the strategies that have allowed some of my members to become full time traders and make regular profits on the markets!
 ​Becoming a successful Forex trader requires knowledge and strategies, I explain how I trade and analyze the markets successfully for years!
 ​You will learn concrete and logical trading strategies using price action concepts with a high probability of success!
 ​I teach you only secret strategies that focus on modern trading concepts and pay off in the long run!

 ​Join the top 5% of winning traders by applying the strategies of professional traders!

 I don’t know anything about Forex, can I join?
Absolutely! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Forex trader, you will learn with my tools from basics to advanced. So you can start regardless of your trading level.
 How long per day will this take me?
You choose! You progress at your own pace and according to your availability. You have unlimited access by joining us, there are no limits … So you can resume whenever you want!
 How much capital should I start with?
As a first step, we advise you to invest first in our courses to educate yourself intelligently about the markets and then you will start trading. The recommended minimum capital is $200.
 What is your strategy?
My Forex strategy is the result of several years of experience on the markets. I have read over a hundred books, spent tens of thousands of hours in the markets, and have met several hundred Forex traders which has given me an understanding of what really works in the markets. So you will simply learn a trading strategy that works in the markets based on the concepts of price action.



 All my winning trading strategies from A to Z

 Access to several hours of videos explaining all my trading strategies in 2021

 Modern trading strategies that allow you to be profitable over the long term

 Trade in a professional manner with the price action (technical indicators make you lose !!)

 Join the top 5% of winning traders

 How to avoid the traps 95% of traders stupidly fall into

 Winning in trading when everyone gets tricked by fakeouts

 Market maker trading strategies used in 2021

 What you need to add in your trading plan to earn every day

 The trades with the highest probability of success

 The units of time that allow you to anticipate the best movements on the markets

 How to effectively manage your trades 

 How to stop cutting your trades into profits too early before your targets

 The method to close your trades before your stoploss is hit

 The best pairs to watch for taking maximum pips every day

 My philosophy of trading to win over the long term while everyone else loses

 Stop overtrading and take only the most profitable trades

 Make the best watchlists every week

 How to identify the best traders every week


 How to have the winning trader’s mindset

 Stop feeling emotions when you trade with the tips of professional traders

 Enter the winning traders area step by step

 Maximize your probabilities of success in trading

 What professional traders do to trap you but you don’t see

 Why you should trade at specific times

 Know how to monitor the most interesting pairs in the markets

 Trade at the same time as professional traders in order to win

 How to have strong certainty in trading and how to stop making mistakes in the markets


 Step by step into becoming a full time trader

 Organize your trading to trade less and earn more

 What professional traders use to increase their success rate

 Grow your trading account with a professional hack

 Calculate your profit factor

 Reduce your max drawdown to optimize long-term performance

 Personalized trading journal according to your profile

 Unlimited and personalized follow-up until you become a profitable trader

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French Trader - Forex Mentoring
Original price was: $997.00.Current price is: $97.00.