Growth Design – Product Psychology Masterclass

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🚀 Growth Design – Product Psychology Masterclass


Because “user experience” doesn’t happen on a screen… it happens in the mind.


The step-by-step system to apply product psychology.

In 5 weeks, you’ll apply the right psychological principle to improve any product experience.


Understand User Behaviors

With 3 proven mental models 🧠

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Find The Gaps & Improve Any Experience

Know which psychology principle to use and when 🎯

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Create Delightful Journeys

Aligned with your business goals 🌈

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Communicate Product Decisions

To better rally your team & stakeholders 🗣️

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Create Ethical & Humane Products

To earn loyal fans & succeed long-term 💖

“Applying this course to my onboarding resulted in a 225% lift in conversion.”

One of the best decisions I made last year was to spend my learning budget on this course.

In short, this course is simply amazing (just like all the case studies they made). And I believe that in today’s world, where AI is advancing rapidly, understanding human psychology and how people use products has become even more critical.

What I loved most about the course was how it took complicated psychological patterns and broke them down into real-life scenarios with easy-to-understand language. The course also provided lots of practical exercises and homework to practice those psychological patterns in your design/product.

Thanks to the course, I was able to apply one of the theories to the onboarding process of an app I created, resulting in an increase in the conversion rate from 11% to 24.7%.

If you want to deepen your understanding of human psychology and product design, I highly recommend this course.

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Learn. Practice. Apply.

Each lesson follows a proven learning methodology that focuses on getting you to take action.

Every Lesson:

  1. Learn 🧑‍🏫
    • Learn in the same format we use for our case studies but more in-depth and with a structured approach.
    • Story-Based Lessons 📖
    • Research has shown that stories help you remember information better. That’s why our lessons use a slide format similar to our case studies but with a more organized and educational approach.
    • Psychology Principles 🧠
    • You’ll learn and remember the most important psychological principles, so you know how to apply them to your work—whether that’s to find product solutions or to convince stakeholders.
    • Lessons Summaries 📝
    • We’ve already distilled the main points of each lesson to help you learn without having to stress about note-taking. You’ll be able to quickly revisit key concepts from any lesson at any time.
    • Additional Resources 📚
    • Go further and deep-dive into specific lesson topics. We curated a list of our favorite psychology books, links, research papers, and videos for each lesson so you can explore and dig deeper.
  2. Practice 🤹
    • Practice what you learn immediately with hands-on exercises. Learn quicker and apply that knowledge better.
    • Exercises 🏋️
    • Be better prepared and familiar with how to tackle real problems by practicing after each lesson.
    • Examples 🌐
    • Tons of vivid product examples to help you remember new concepts and tactics to implement.
    • Redesigns 🔄
    • Discover practical applications of psychological concepts with our “Before vs. After” redesigns.
    • Self-Assessment 🤔
    • Every lesson has a feedback widget to self-assess and ask questions in case you get stuck.
  3. Apply 🚀
    • Improve your product as you progress through the course by applying the theory after each lesson.
    • Product Challenges 🌐
    • We give you concrete product challenges to apply directly to your product. These include tactical tips to maximize business impact and build better products.
    • Figma Assets ✨
    • To help you apply some concepts, we made simple-to-use Figma templates. No need to be a designer, just follow the step-by-step instructions.
    • Checklists & Templates 📋
    • Everything you need to make it as easy a possible to apply your learnings: checklists to execute ideas, templates, scripts to rally stakeholders, etc.
    • Questions & Answers ❓
    • Gain confidence in your practice with our curated answers to the most common questions from thousands of previous students.


We show you our best product psychology frameworks.

Dan Benoni & Louis-Xavier Lavallée

👋 Hey. Dan and Louis-Xavier here. In short, we:

👥 spent 12 years each at the intersection of tech & psychology 📈 cofounded and scaled startups from 0 to 10M$+/year 🌎 created a movement that helps 3,000+ companies in 147 countries create meaningful (and ethical) experiences

We created this course to help people like you use psychology (ethically!) to build better products, sharpen your skills, delight your customers and help companies scale faster.

You’ve seen what we do in our case studies. Now it’s time for you to have the exact knowledge to do the same for your product. 🌟

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Growth Design - Product Psychology Masterclass
Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $95.00.