India Earl Education – The Guide To Backups

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India Earl Education – The Guide To Backups

A fool-proof guide on backups and organizational techniques to get the backend of your business on lock, simplified, and reliable. Backing up work is the most vital, and important step of a photographer’s workflow. Let go of the worry of ever losing your photos by learning and implementing my best tips on the backup process.

About This Product

In the guide I’ll walk you through my import export process and settings, how I organize my files on the backend, how you can create a solid workflow, and ultimately how I backup my images to 6 different sources in under 20 minutes so I don’t have to worry about ever losing irreplaceable photos.


This guide covers all of the products I use in-depth along with tips & tricks to streamline and strengthen any current backup workflow you may already have in place.

It’s so incredibly important to have a solid system in place before you regret not having it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and reliability is always worth the investment.


For photographers and videographers, whether they have a system in place or not! I felt like I had a strong system in place for years with a total of 3 backups until all three sources crashed. This is beneficial to anyone looking to strengthen their backup system!

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India Earl Education - The Guide To Backups
Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $9.99.