India Earl Posing Workshop


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  • 2 hours of class time diving into my entire process teaching you everything I know about posing
  • How to apply it to your personality & your client’s personalities
  • How to focus on the experience rather than the poses
  • How to create comfort & break the ice from the get go
  • Strategies to get any client to relax and create confidence in them
  • How to prep for each wedding and shoot and learn from each experience
  • My entire posing process for 8 different sessions you get to be a virtual second shooter on
  • How I approach posing same sex couples
  • Posing in home sessions around light in confined spaces
  • How to pose an entire shoot’s worth of images in less than 15 minutes
  • A mini family shoot & mini senior portrait shoot including tips on my process for shooting outside of your comfort zone.Breakdown of my entire gear bag & what I use each piece for recommended settings for specific shooting scenarios


  • Free copy of my Checklists Questionnaires BONUS questionnaires for families, newborns, and seniors ($20 value!)
  • A workbook walking you through the course with guided exercises, tips, questionnaires, note taking prompts and more!




Photographers of any experience level wanting to up their posing game and give their clients not only better images, but overall better experiences. I specialize in shooting couples, but this process can be applied to basically any shooting format. I included a family session, a mini senior session, an in home session, a studio session, and a group photos session so you can see the process applied to multiple scenarios, not just couples outdoors.
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India Earl Posing Workshop