India Earl x Photobug – Pinterest for Wedding Photographers



India Earl x Photobug – Pinterest for Wedding Photographers

Getting traffic to your website is easy. The secret? Pinterest. Over the past 4 years, we’ve identified exactly what makes Pinterest tick. In fact, Pinterest traffic to our site has gone up nearly 1,000%! In this course, we’re not holding any info back. We’re letting you in on our entire Pinterest strategy.

About This Product

In collaboration with India Earl, presented by Photobug Community!

Over the past 4 years, we’ve discovered the strategies that make Pinterest tick. These easy, actionable steps have led to a traffic increase of nearly 1,000%. We’ve spent months putting these strategies down on paper and now we’re ready to share them with you. Learn how to get in front of the 40 million people who are planning their weddings on Pinterest with your new secret weapon: Pinterest for Wedding Photographers.


— Introduction to Pinterest for Wedding Photographers

— Welcome to the Course! (start here)

— A Few Questions!

— Why You Should Be Using Pinterest

— Let’s See How Much You Know Already!

— Our Pinterest Pitch

— Pinterest Basics

— How Pinterest Works

— Building Your Pinterest Account

— How to Shoot for Pinterest

— What Images Do Well on Pinterest?

— Shooting Portraits for Pinterest

— Shooting Decor for Pinterest

— Shooting Details for Pinterest

— Let’s See What You’ve Learned!

— How to Market Your Content on Pinterest

— Evergreen Content

— How to Treat Pinterest Like a Search Engine

— Graphics Collages

— Collaboration

— Understanding Pinterest Trends

— Pinterest Workflow

— Let’s Get Pinning!

— Automating Pinterest with Tailwind

— Analytics

— Pinterest Analytics

— Resources

— Stay in the Loop on All Things Pinterest

— How to set up rich pins!

— After the course!

— Be Sure to Check out These Post-Course Activities!

— 6-Month Game Plan

— Pinterest Board Brainstorm Sheet

— Course Survey

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India Earl x Photobug - Pinterest for Wedding Photographers