Kelsey Freeman Photography – Studio Collection – Photoshop Actions

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Want magazine quality airbrushed skin? Then look no further because this studio action set has it all! This action set includes over 100 actions designed for studio images – whether you photograph maternity, newborn, or product photography in studio – these actions can handle it all! In this action set you’ll find many retouching actions from skin and lips to hair and eyes! Manipulate the light so your subjects really stand out – as will your work. Then finish off your image with color and toning to bring out emotion and set the mood. This action set will bring your studio work to the next level…so are you ready?

Compatible with

Photoshop CC
*These actions are not compatible with older versions of PS

What’s included:Base ActionsDreamyRichGlamLovely BaseBeautySoft & SweetMoodifyEdgyDramaB&W 1B&W 2B&W 3Control The LightingBring Up ExposureBring Down ExposureSoft HighlightsSubtle LightDramatic LightMoody LightBrighten It AllAdd Some DepthRadiant SpotlightFinish VignetteFinish Soft SpotlightFinish Bright SpotlightSkin TonesDark Chocolate SkinEspresso SkinChesnut SkinWalnut SkinOlive SkinGolden SkinHoney SkinBronze SkinRosy SkinIvory SkinRetouchingSkin RetouchesNitty Gritty DetailsAirbrushAirbrush – FlawlessAirbrush – More detailAirbrush – SoftenedAirbrush – ContourAirbrush – Hard LightAdd Texture – Small PoresAdd Texture – Large PoresSoften PoresSoften Larger PoresEven Skin TonesSmooth SkinGlowyContourContrastShine & GlowSoften ShadowsSoften HighlightsBrightenDarkenBlushTone Down RednessTone Down YellowsLess RedLess GreenLess YellowLess BlueMouth RetouchesWhiten TeethBrown Lip StainRed Lip StainPink Lip StainPeach Lip StainEye RetouchesSharpen EyesBrown Eye BoostGreen Eye BoostBlue Eye BoostHair RetouchesAuburn HairRed HairBlonde HairBrown HairBlack HairColor & ToneClean PopSoft PopBold PopSubtle PopRefreshingHeavenlyCrispClean WhitesGreen ControlExtrasSmooth BackdropBlur BackdropColor PopWarm Me UpCool Me DownLess Red/More CyanLess Cyan/More RedLess Green/More MagentaLess Magenta/More GreenLess Yellow/More BlueLess Blue/More YellowAdd a Layer MaskFlatten ImageAdd Blank LayerFlatten & SharpenResize & Sharpen for FB (2048px)

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Kelsey Freeman Photography - Studio Collection - Photoshop Actions
Original price was: $125.00.Current price is: $29.99.