Mads Peter Iversen | Photoshop for Landscape Photographers

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Photoshop for Landscape Photographers

From Beginner to Advanced

I am so happy to be able to share this 25 videos course and everything I know about Photoshop for Landscape Photography. Photoshop is the leading software for post processing and creating amazing landscape photos! This is what you need to bring your landscape photos to the next level.

Your Instructor

“I have a deep passion for landscape photography. I live and breathe it. Landscape Photography has been my livelihood for the past several years.

I am highly inspired by the cold Nordic landscapes and as a child of the 80’s and 90’s my head is full of fairy tales, dragons, and stories of magic.

My fine art landscape photography ranges from moody minimalism in one end to epic vistas in the other.”

– Mads Peter Iversen


This is more than just a tutorial on post processing an image. Throughout the course I want to give you a broad arsenal of tools for modest and advanced adjustments to create spectacular photos. I share my workflow, philosophy on editing, what mistakes to avoid, and a ton of tips and tricks you can apply to make your photos stand out.

  • Sorting and culling your photos
  • How to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe CameraRaw, and Adobe Bridge
  • No 3rd party plug-ins are needed. However, I will recommend certain plug-ins throughout the course for better editing results.
  • Start-to-finish post processing
  • Editing and blending with luminosity masks
  • How to make photos “pop”
  • How to emphasize or add glow and atmosphere
  • How to dodge and burn
  • How to make simple and complex focus stacks
  • How to focal length blend
  • How to clean your photos of distractions
  • How to make high contrast B&W photos
  • How to replace a sky
  • How to make complex masking
  • Discussions on composition
  • What NOT to do / mistakes to avoid
  • And much, much, much more!


25 videos divided between 4 modules (see curriculum and playtime below)

Original RAW files so you can edit along with me

Access each lesson via your phone or tablet (Apple only) through the Teachable app

Exclusive access to a hidden Facebook group for people enrolled in this course

Lifetime access!

Photoshop for Landscape Photographers

is for you if:

  • You enjoy my photos and want to edit like I do
  • You want that extra ingredient of editing that I do not share on my YouTube channel
  • You want to take your landscape photos to the next level
  • You are a beginner who want to learn Photoshop
  • You are advanced and feel stuck in your editing process and want new inputs and skills
  • You want to make your photos “pop” and stand out
  • You want to avoid “over-editing” your photos.
  • You want a base from where you can develop your own style of editing


You will have to subscribe / buy access to Adobe Photoshop via the Adobe homepage yourself. I can recommend the “Photography plan” for US$9.99 / mo. Once subscribed you have access to Adobe Photoshop, CameraRaw, Bridge, and Lightroom via the Adobe Cloud Desktop app.

Those already using Adobe Lightroom in their workflow instead of Bridge/CameraRaw should have no problem learning from the Photoshop for Landscape Photographers course. The editing algorithms of CameraRaw and Lightroom are the same, however, with different interface.

This course has been made over a period of eight months during the first half of 2020. As Adobe regularly update their apps the interface and functions are subject to change. This might provide inconsistencies between the course version of Adobe Photoshop and your version of Adobe Photoshop and lead to minor inconveniences.


“I primarily used Lightroom for basic editing then exported into Photoshop for additional cleanup and local luminosity adjustments through the use of a third party plug in. What I’ve learned from Photoshop for Landscape Photographers has given me confidence in editing my work from start to finish in Camera Raw and Photoshop as well as a deeper understanding of the many possibilities that Photoshop offers to turn a seemingly boring scene into a beautiful photograph or a beautiful scene into something very special. I feel the need to go back and re-edit all my past work with what I’ve learned in this course. It is a game changer for me”. ~ Mark Goeman


“Photoshop for Landscape Photographers is the most thorough tutorial that I have used on my photography journey. Utilizing editing techniques that I have learned from Mads, I feel I have elevated my work to a whole new level. It’s so satisfying when your work gets recognized by photographers that you follow and admire. Without a doubt, Photoshop for Landscape Photographers is the most powerful tool I use after the shutter click”. ~ John Montes Jr.


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Mads Peter Iversen | Photoshop for Landscape Photographers
Original price was: $300.00.Current price is: $47.00.