Mateusz Rutkowski – New Money Blueprint

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The New Money Blueprint

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Exactly how I started a multi-million dollar business from my bedroom.

In this course, I don’t talk about regurgitated strategies that should work “in theory” and “mindset” like most. Instead, we go through step by step and build a real live Shopify store that does over $350,000 in the first month of being live (profitable right from the get-go). I explain everything along the way and talk about how I scale much further from there!


The main focus of this course is to help beginners build a store on Shopify and market it through Facebook ads. In addition, I will also teach you how to properly structure your ads in a way that will bring consistent results.

Due to the pandemic, people are more used to longer shipping times than ever. Combined with how effective and profitable Facebook ads currently are, I truthfully don’t think there has been a better time to get into dropshipping.

This is the most revealing piece of content I have ever put out, as I even reveal some of my personal best selling products.

My process for starting these stores is fairly similar every time, meaning you can use these exact steps to start your own online store.

Tired of living on autopilot? Sick of waking up early and making your boss financially free? Want to achieve financial success and be able to take care of your family? If you’re ready for a change then scroll to the bottom.


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This Could Be You


Main reasons why most people fail at this business model.

1st They listen to useless youtube advice that is outdated and made to steer you in the wrong direction.

2nd People waste too much time on finding a winning product, instead of learning how to properly market to customers’ emotions.

3rd Newbies tend to always focus on the least important factors like making the store, instead of learning how to properly market and scale.

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Mateusz Rutkowski - New Money Blueprint
Original price was: $497.00.Current price is: $69.99.