Money Bootcamp with Denise Duffield-Thomas

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Money Bootcamp with Denise Duffield-Thomas


Revolutionize your money mindset and release the fears holding you back


So you can break through

your plateau and take your income to new heights!!


Money Bootcamp is the game-changing money mindset course and community that everyone is talking about.

IF YOU have a dream to grow your business, help more people and make more money.

WE have the training, support, and community to make it happen – a lot quicker and easier than you ever imagined.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if making money in your business was easy?

You wake up to see that people are just buying your stuff.

You get emails saying you have another customer happily paying your new price.

And your calendar is booked out with leads.

Your business is growing in a way that feels joyful and easy. YAY!

But that’s not what happens, is it?

In between having an idea and getting money in your bank account is a roller coaster of emotions, fear, anxiety, and a whole lot of second-guessing yourself.

You’re sitting looking at the zeros in your bank account, wondering how you’re going to keep this up.

You’re working late again, resentful and exhausted from over-delivering.

Right now, you’re probably frustrated and not sure what to do next.

Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship!

It’s so fun, and it’s such an incredible opportunity for personal growth.

But it’s also scary.

And the fear can be paralyzing.

I want to share with you a secret…

I’ve made over $20 million dollars in my online business over the last decade, and I still get scared and second-guess my decisions.

Every successful person I know does too.

If you think you’re the only one, if you think you’re alone.

If you’re looking around on Instagram wondering how everyone else is so confident in what they’re charging.

When really, behind the curtain, what you don’t know is that everyone is as scared as you are.

And in the face of such uncertainty, it can be easy to think that you’re the problem.

That you’re not smart or funny enough. Not smart enough.

Or that you need a shiny new marketing plan or sexier funnel.

Maybe if you keep hustling, this year can finally be different.

But working harder is never the answer.

Transformation starts with your MINDSET.

You might be struggling right now to get your first client.

Maybe you’re trying to earn enough to quit your day job.

You might be aiming for six figures, or you could be stuck in between 6 and 7 like I was.

Each time you hit a new income plateau your money blocks resurface.

  • I’m going to have to work so hard.
  • I can’t make any more money
  • I’ve run out of ideas
  • I’ve run out of clients.

And that’s when people usually find me and my work.

Because they feel stuck or because they’re looking for a missing puzzle piece to grow their income quicker, but without burnout and stress.

Maybe you’ve read one of my books and now you need some extra motivation and support to keep going.

So you know what gets you through it?

Not the latest marketing trend, not expanding your team.

Definitely not working harder.

The difference for those successful people you see online is not that they don’t feel the fear; it’s that they know how not to let it stop them in their tracks.

The answer – you need to work on your money mindset.

How is your money mindset holding you back from a life of abundance?

You chronically undercharge and over-deliver – or worse, you agree to work for free and then feel all kinds of resentful about it.

Your bank balance doesn’t even begin to reflect the massive amount of work you are putting into your business.

You’re living in a permanent cycle of “feast or famine” and never feeling like you have enough.

You’re doing well enough financially, but you can’t see how you could possibly increase your income without working much harder

You often procrastinate taking care of income-producing activities in your business (like sending invoices or sending out email offers to your list).

You feel stuck at your current income. Your business has stalled or you’ve hit a plateau you want to break through.

You feel massive resistance (maybe even abject terror!) around having money conversations with potential clients.

You feel guilty whenever you spend money on yourself and even find it difficult to justify investing in your business

These blocks are common at ALL stages of business and affect entrepreneurs like you in every niche and every country across the world.

But it is possible to transform your relationship with money by changing your habits and beliefs with money.

Here are some of the most common money blocks

Do any of these ring a bell?

  • “I’m just not meant to be rich.” (Sometimes this shows up as, “My family wasn’t rich, so I can’t be either.”)
  • “I have to work hard to make money.” (OMG, this is my biggest recurring one!)
  • “I just want to help people. I don’t care about the money.”
  • “My partner/parents/friends will freak out if I earn more than them.”
  •  “I can’t earn more than X, I can’t charge more than Y in my industry”

You probably learned your money blocks growing up – past memories or negative experiences – stories you now tell yourself about what you deserve.

For every limiting belief, there’s an origin story to unpack and a pattern to break so you can feel more empowered and in control with money.

Money blocks are an inevitable part of being in business.

Not even millionaires are immune to the occasional freak out about money, and if you’re growing rapidly, you’ll hit your own self-imposed limits regularly.

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Money Bootcamp with Denise Duffield-Thomas
Original price was: $1,997.00.Current price is: $149.99.