Nadia Khaled – The Alignment Accelerator

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The Alignment Accelerator: 

Step into your power, get your energy in alignment and create your reality with intention – step by step.

#glowupera #slay 💅🏼

What if there’s a future version of you that ALREADY HAS all the things you want most right now?


Yep, you read that right.
Your wishes are actually memories from your future self…
She’s just waiting on you to catch up and meet her where she’s at.


Does this sound like you?

 You’ve been stuck in circumstances that drain your energy, disempower you, and make you feel disconnected from your true self

❌ You often have visions of yourself accomplishing amazing things, but feel overwhelmed at all of the conflicting information on how to manifest them (or where to even start)

❌ You want to start taking aligned action towards your goals and stop letting your fears, limiting beliefs, and imposter syndrome get in the way

❌ You’ve been craving a #glowupera full of confidence, success, and iconic wins but feel like it’s way out of reach


Well, imagine if…

🔥 You started making BOLD moves in your career and personal life, knowing with full confidence that they were aligned with your true path

🔥 The pieces of your dream life started coming together effortlessly because you became the most refined, magnetic version of yourself (You 2.0)

🔥 You learned from someone who’s been where you are and taught you how to consciously create your reality


without having to know every step of the way or have a clear plan
without having to be positive and optimistic 24/7 (we call that toxic positivity!)


and without having to have an exact vision of what you want to manifest

Is this speaking to your soul? 



Hi, I’m Nadia Khaled: your new favorite hypewoman. 🚀


As a manifestation coach, I’m OBSESSED with the art of making sh*t happen!! Nothing lights me up like teaching women all over the world how to embrace limitless thinking and create their reality exactly the way they want it. 🌟


My journey started in 2022 when I was suddenly fired from my job for posting a Tiktok – leaving me with over $20,000 of debt and no backup plan.
So I went on a mission to crack the manifestation code and find a strategy that actually works
And I did it! 8 weeks later, I had manifested a handful of dream job offers in social media, attracted over 500,000 followers on Instagram and Tiktok, and paid off 100% of my debt.

2 months later, I quit grad school and started my dream business as a manifestation coach, making 6-figures in my first year. 💸


Since then, I’ve created my dream self-help app, become the host of my own podcast show, traveled all over the world, and been featured in news articles as a manifestation expert (check them out below!)
Basically, I’ve successfully harnessed the laws of the Universe, psychology, and human potential to bring my deepest desires to life…


And now I’m here to help you do it, too.

#bedelulu #itISthesolulu ✨

This Manifestation Strategy Includes:


⭐️ Getting crystal-clear on your vision

⭐️ Tapping into your unique manifestation approach according YOUR Human Design energy type

⭐️ Showing up as your future 2.0 self, right now

⭐️ Letting go of the HOW and trusting in divine timing

⭐️ Using affirmations (the right way!) to think in alignment

⭐️ Implementing an intuitive AM/PM routine to reprogram your subconscious

⭐️ Healing your relationship with yourself and your inner child

⭐️ Balancing your masculine and feminine energies for sustainable manifesting (because constant burnout is SO not the vibe)

⭐️ Trusting your intuition to lead you to the right aligned actions

⭐️ Regulating your emotions to bounce back faster and keep your vibration aligned

⭐️ Working through your limiting beliefs with deep shadow work

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Nadia Khaled - The Alignment Accelerator
Original price was: $399.00.Current price is: $57.00.