Riccardo Fassoli Kreativ Wedding Cinematography Workshop

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Riccardo Fassoli Kreativ Wedding Cinematography Workshop

Finally, it’s here. After many requests Riccardo decided to share his knowledge about wedding videography. This is a workshop recorded during the event we organized in February. It has been a two days event where we simulated a small wedding and we tried to touch all the aspects from the preparation to the editing process of that day. In this course: Riccardo presents himself and talks about the beginning of his adventure into the wedding industry together with Anne. List and explanation about all the equipment that he brings into the wedding day. From where he takes his inspiration and some tipps how to find your uniqueness.

There is a complete simulation of a wedding day: Getting ready, ceremony, couple shooting, speeches and first dance with the explanation of what he uses and how he acts with the couple. A long part where he shows some of his films and he goes inside the timeline to explain step by step what he was thinking while editing the film. Organization of the files and the start of the edit with the footage that we shot in the simulation of the wedding. There you can understand the process how to build a film with a deep emotional impact. Colour grading part with explanation of the plugins and software that can help. An extra video with the description of all the progams that he uses at the moment. 9 hours of footage that will help you to take a step forward in your wedding videography skills.

  • Intro
  • Presentation & Inspiration
  • Equipment
  • Getting Ready
  • Ceremony
  • Couple Shooting
  • Speech & First Dance
  • Inside the edit part 1
  • Inside the edit part 2
  • Inside the edit part 3
  • Inside the edit part 4
  • Let’s tell a story part 1
  • Let’s tell a story part 2
  • Let’s tell a story part 3
  • List of program I use
  • End

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Price: 799,00 € (inkl. VAT )

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Riccardo Fassoli Kreativ Wedding Cinematography Workshop
Original price was: $870.00.Current price is: $79.99.