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Samir Kahlot – Start Your E-commerce Business

What You Get:

Module 1: Start Your Ecommerce Business
Module 2: Build Your Brand & Store
Module 3: Product Sourcing Guide
Module 4: Packaging Design Guide
Module 5: Outsourcing Logistics
Module 6: Outsource Customer Service
Module 7: Increase Profit Margin
Module 8: Thank You Note Guide
Module 9: Scaling to 7 Figures
Module 10: Marketing Psychology
Module 11: Email Marketing (Advanced)
Module 12: SMS Marketing
Module 13: Influencer Marketing
Module 14: Facebook Basics & CBO
Module 15: Facebook CBO Pro Strategies
Module 16: Facebook Manual Bidding Guide (Pro Strategies)
Module 17: Retargeting Best Practices
Module 18: Google Ads for Ecommerce
Module 19: Google Smart Shopping
Module 20: Snapchat Ads Guide
Module 21: Get Started with Pinterest
Module 22: Facebook Messenger Marketing
Module 23: Referral Program
Module 24: Abandoned Cart Recovery
Module 25: Discounting Best Practices
Module 26: Increase AOV
Module 27: Increase Customer LTV
Module 28: Upselling and Cross-Selling Strategies
Module 29: Conversion Rate Optimization
Module 30: SEO Guide
Module 31: Page Speed Optimization
Module 32: List of Winning Products
Module 33: TikTok for Business

REAL Testimonials:

This is more than a course, it’s a mentorship program, I love how close you can be to Samir, he is always there for you he has the best intentions to help you grow and genuinely enjoy seeing each one of us accomplish our goals! I have taken 4 courses, this one is my favorite. You can see how much he knows about e-commerce, everyone can understand it because of how simple and straightforward he talks. I am in love with it, even though when I started taking this course I was already doing 6 figures I have learned A LOT! We have had several calls which are extremely helpful. Samir is always asking me how everything is going, this is what mentorship should feel like. When he talks I just sit, take notes and learn. I am now starting my 2nd brand and hopefully I will reach 7 figures soon thanks to all the gold nuggets he shows on the program!


Samir’s course is by far the best one out there, I have been through several other courses but they fail to explain the secrets behind the success. It goes in depth from start to finish covering all the details and tools necessary for achieving success in E-commerce! He has maintained full transparency with his personal strategies. Along with the course the continuous live feedback and mentorship he provides is amazing! Hard to come across a real G like Samir who actually wants to see you win! If anyone is looking to start or wants to learn more, I highly recommend checking the course out! And the course keeps getting updated with new material all the time, so no need to worry about things being outdated!


I’ve been in the ecom game since 2017 but didn’t start taking it seriously & going all in until March 2019 and up until this year I’ve been doing the general pump and dump business model I entered the course at a point where I had already created two 6 figure stores in the past I entered this course and mentorship program to help me pivot into brand mode and even before the 1v1 calls the course content in itself is extremely valuable and taught me a lot of new things from day 1. Samir has really helped me dive deep into the branding side of things and his authenticity and care for his students really shines through compared to most other mentors. Very few people are this real with their people. 


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Samir Kahlot - Start Your Ecommerce Business | iMarketable
Original price was: $987.00.Current price is: $99.00.