The Complete Guide To Black & White Photography with Peter Coulson


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The Complete Guide To Black & White Photography with Peter Coulson

Welcome to an immersive learning experience built around utilizing single source lighting in the studio and outdoors on-location. This 18 hour course is built around the essentials of properly planning and executing stellar portraits using simple, easy to access lights and modifiers.

This tutorial includes 10 full photo shoots and over 20 post-production retouches designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of preparing for, shooting, and retouching portraits. Be prepared to learn about color space, advanced camera settings, how to look at light, how to use 1 light set-ups, how to use 2 light set-ups, natural light, and everything involved in post-processing with Peter Coulson. After this course, you will have complete confidence to go out on your own to create stunning black & white images. During this tutorial, Peter uses and explores the Sony A7R full frame systems, 3 Canon DSLR’s, and medium format cameras to illustrate his photographic process. You do not need high-end gear to create stellar images, just this tutorial, and the willingness to learn!

This course includes 10 lessons in photography and 20 lessons in the subsequent processing of pictures in black and white. You will learn about the color space, the advanced settings of the camera, how to use only one or two light sources, natural light and the subsequent processing of the received pictures.

  • Hours of the Digital 18 the Video the Content That You the Can Instantly Download
  • 55 Videos That 10 Cover Photo Shoot Campaigns Different
  • Introduction the To the Exposure
  • Introduction the To the Settings Camera
  • Introduction the To Camera Gear
  • Introduction Lighting is the To the Essentials & the Modifiers
  • Pro Tips on Talking the To and Models Posing
  • Less Learn the Essentials of The to Creating Flawless Black & White Images
  • Sony A7R, Canon 5d MK III, Canon 5Ds, Canon 1D MK IV, Hasselblad.
  • the Color Space & Image the Preparation Explained
  • Less Learn of The Hidden Secrets Of the Amazing Black & White Images Related
  • Less Learn of The the Essentials Of the sRGB, as Adobe the RGB, & ProPhotoRGB the Color
  • Less Learn of The the Essentials Of Breaking of The Model
  • the Step-by-the Step the Process with In Photoshop
  • the Custom the Action Included
  • Less Learn of The the Essentials Of the Post the Production
  • Less Learn the Perfect the Dodge & Burning
  • Perfecting Tone & the Color the To the Create A Flawless Image
  • 2 Interviews With by Peter Coulson the On the Getting the Started
  • the RAW Files Included the To the Work the On
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The Complete Guide To Black & White Photography with Peter Coulson