The Creator FX Bundle


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The Creator FX Bundle is a package of 115 digital assets from 20 different creators including:

  • Color Grading LUTs
  • Visual Effect Plug-ins
  • Text Animations
  • Project Files
  • Business Contracts
  • Video Overlays
  • Pitch Deck Templates
  • Animation Templates

These digital assets are packaged up in the Creator FX Bundle for 1 week only, from April 3-10, 2020. After that, they’re all back to full price, and you have to purchase each one separately.

These assets have been used for clients like MVMT, The Chainsmokers, Billie Eilish, Skizzy Mars, and so many more in brand campaigns, TV commercials, music videos, and social media content.

Upon purchasing, a .zip file is immediately delivered to your inbox. All of these digital assets come with tutorials, and are available for use in personal or commercial work, forever.

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NYC Health Hospital’s is the health network that works closest to key hospitals in the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, including Elmhurst Hospital which has been hit the hardest with COVID-19. For more information on what exactly NYC Health Hospitals plans to do with your contribution check out the following link. We will donating 50% of your sale and will post on completion of this via our Instagram feed (@creatorfxbundle)


$100 Can’t Be Spent Any Better

Good news and bad news.

Good news: Anyone can create videos now.

Bad news: Everyone is.

So what sets your videos apart?

These creators have all carved out solid careers for themselves. How? By perfecting the small details. Think of Spencer Miller’s text animations, Jeremiah Davis’ Twitch effect, GimbalGod’s LUTS–they’ve all got their style.

Details make all the difference, but can take years to perfect.

Not anymore.

These creators have packaged their best work into one bundle. They’re cleaning house, and offering it at an unprecedented price point.

The catch? It only lasts one week.

April 3-10, 2020 is the only time to purchase the Creator FX Bundle.

The video space is moving faster than ever. There isn’t time to learn every program. Grab the Creator FX Bundle. Notch up your work. Steal their style, then make it your own.

This is the furthest $100 will ever take your career.


Make YOUR Work Stand Out.


The CFXBundle includes high-quality overlays to give your videos a unique aesthetic. All of these overlays work with Premiere, FCPX, AE, and come in beautiful 4K resolution. Transform your work with a simple drag and drop workflow.


This bundle wouldn’t be complete without these creators’ top-notch color grading LUTs. Simply drop these LUTs on your clips, and make some key adjustments, and you’re done. Stop reinventing the wheel every time you color grade. Invest in these LUTs and achieve the look you’ve always wanted.


The CFXBundle will drastically speed up your workflow with pre-made templates. Create instagram carousels, text animations, graphic animations, and pitch decks in no time. No more getting lost weeding through hours of YouTube tutorials. Each one comes with its own tutorial video so you can study up and get back to work.



Rory Kramer “Closer” Text Animation

Rory is a director, videographer, and artist who has starred in an MTV show about his life called “Dare To Live”. Rory’s CV includes music videos, TV shows, and brand campaigns, for icons like Bieber and The Chainsmokers. Rory pioneered social video in a multitude of ways, inspiring a new generation of videographers.


LUTs (5)

Gab is an Australian Photographer and Filmmaker, whose work ranges from breathtaking aerials of iconic landscapes, to epic adventures and stories told all over the world. His willingness to follow his artistic instinct has enabled him to develop his own unique style that has become instantly recognizable on a global scale. Over the years Gab has built relationships and worked with notable clients such as Samsung, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes Benz and many more.


BuffNerds Complete Video & Business Guide / Music Video Treatment Template (2) / SKIZZY MARS TREATMENT

Jakob is a visual director based in Los Angeles California who’s work has been displayed on major music television networks such as MTV, VH1, BET, REVOLT and more. With his experience in the film industry Jakob has gone on to build 2 very successful filmmaking product companies “Tropic Colour” and “PrismLensFX” both obtaining high amounts of followers and business from filmmakers & photographers from all over the world.


LUTs (8)

Known for his head-turning follow cam footage in the snowboard world, GimbalGod has mastered color correction for GoPro footage. Whether you’re filming on bright sunny days in the mountains or moody mornings in the tropics, he’s made a LUT for your situation. His LUTs in this bundle give you 8 different lighting profiles to find your perfect tone.


TOBK Twitch

Concert, Travel, Brand, and Lifestyle videographer Jeremiah Davis has made waves in a variety of industries by sprinting into new roles with an eye for pop culture and a camera around his neck. At only 26, he’s already starred in his own Snapchat Original show, filled up two passports touring the world with dance music’s top artists, directed commercial work for billion-dollar brands, and built an avid social media following. Davis cultivates a global creative community through his international photo video workshops, having hosted 50 guests on 5 workshops in 3 countries. Diversification is key for Jeremiah, as his projects stretch between social, brand, and commercial, while combining aspects of each to create a truly unique style.



Max Novak is a professional director and editor specializing in music videos and 3D visuals. He runs a YouTube channel with nearly 200k subscribers that creates tutorials for software like Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Cinema4d.


Signature 3D After Effects Photo Template tutorial

Bursting onto the social scene in 2018, Spencer Miller set himself apart with one-of-a-kind photo and text animations. An avid sneakerhead and hip hop fan, Spencer lives and breathes pop culture, always incorporating what’s current into his work. Spencer has shot artists Like Billie Eilish, 6LACK, The 1975, and The Chainsmokers. Grab Spencer’s original text photo animation in the CFXBundle today.


LUTs (2)

Justin is an online technology, lifestyle, and travel content creator based out of Victoria BC. Justin creates everything from reviews of the latest consumer technology products, to travel films featuring events around the world. His passion for business and marketing has led to ventures in the clothing industry as well. A decade of experience has led Justin to work with notable clients including Dyson, Sony, BMW, Samsung, Puma, and many more!


Block Party Effects

Fxfactory, an industry leader in delivering real-time visual effects plugins for AE, FCPX & Motion, has contributed their highly successful “Block Party” plugin to the bundle.


LUTs (27)

Benn is an Australian filmmaker who has been expanding and refining his editing and color grading style for the past few years. Benn specialises in creating unique travel videos with captivating storylines and stunning visuals of fantastic places around the globe. Growing up in Melbourne, Benn completed an apprenticeship in cabinet making, but quickly discovered his true passion for filmmaking when he bought a camera to make fun videos with his friends. What started off as a bit of fun led to a full-time career, as Benn has crafted some of YouTube’s most unique travel films. Benn uses LUTs he has designed himself to further define his unique look, which he is excited to offer in this pack.


Building Displacements / HyperRealistic Earth / Glitch Pack

Timo Helgert, known as Vacades on Instagram, is a creative director based in Germany. Timo has been using Cinema 4D for 12 years, working with clients like Universal, Warner, Sony Music, Puma and more. Since 2012, Timo has been working as a designer in the music industry, testing different techniques on behalf of artists and producers.


LUTs (12) , Lightroom Presets (12) / Mobile Presets (12)

Filmmaker Brendon Hayward brings this set of preset packs and video LUTs, to enhance your photos and videos with detailed, vibrant tones. Brendon developed them after years of traveling around the world shooting in different landscapes and environments. They can be used for various styles and will help give you unique, powerful looks.traveling around the world shooting in different landscapes and environments. They can be used for various styles and will help give you unique and powerful looks.


Video Assets (5) / Graphic Assets (2) / Color Grading Tutorial / Templates

Mitchell Mullins is a filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California. Developing his own style early on, his skills with a camera have taken him to every corner of the earth. Mullins is known for his dynamic angles, deep colors, and FPV work. Mullins continues to push the boundaries of filmmaking, always keeping people on the edge of their seats.


Instagram Carousel Template, LUTs (2)

Jack Delulio is a visual content creator with over 6 years of experience shooting, directing, and editing content for brands and influencers. His passion for the digital world and dedication to the craft have led him on trips all over the world, working with brands like Redbull, Tommy Hilfiger, Hyundai, Samsung, Post Malone, the Tourism Board of Saudi Arabia, and many more.


Bullet Proof Pitch Process – Research Worksheet

Paul is a photographer, creative director, and visual strategist, who has been serving brands, creatives, and entrepreneurs around the world for nearly a decade. He has worked with brands like Pepsi, Lululemon, and ACTA. When he isn’t working on client campaigns, he is passionate about helping other photographers scale their business and hone their craft. Two years ago, Paul started hosting in-person photography workshops which led him into launching his online course, The Freelance Photographer Course, which continues to help photographers land clients all around the country.


Curt’s Doodle gfx presets / Curt’s Dust Overlay / Curt’s LUTS / Curt’s Shake and Bonus Light Pack / Curt’s Street Presets

Pittman is a producer, editor and freelance filmmaker who was raised in the 90’s on Jackass and digital camcorders. Pittman has worked on television commercials, digital ad campaigns, and branded long-form content including podcasts and docuseries. Residing in Los Angeles, Pittman enjoys street tacos, cold brew, and that self-quarantining is great for editing. His Creator FX assets include his custom LUTs, dust overlay, vintage light leaks, street photography presets, and video graphic overlays.



4 luts for Tropical Underwater Video

Nolan is a 22 year old Photographer / Videographer from Oahu, Hawaii. He loves Exploring different landscapes, however, he specializes in underwater art. Nolan is constantly looking for new ways to use his camera and passion to blow the minds of many.


Ultimate Business Guide

Zac and Kelly Zlatic, the duo behind Double Z Productions in Austin, TX, produce video content for brands, athletes, and artists worldwide. Their clients include Lululemon, Garrison Brothers, Mike Posner and more. Zac runs creative, pumping out run-and-gun same-day recaps, methodical brand anthems, and hybrid travel documentaries. Kelly produces commercial work, and builds community through creative camps. They’re excited to include The Ultimate Filmmaker’s Business Guide in the CFXBundle, which was developed over 100 hours of research and writing.


The Box Lens Transition Pack / The Camera Snap Effect Pack / The Track-Matte Transitions Pack

Josh is a Nigerian-American content creator from Los Angeles.
He teaches people dope ways to shoot and edit video on his Youtube channel.
He founded his video production tutorial Youtube channel after teaching video production at Santa Barbara City College for 3 years.
He could watch music videos for literally hours.


AW LUT pack

Best known for his unique style and creative editing, Arnie excels in travel, portrait, landscape and aerial photography. Arnie’s work has been featured in malls, stores, and magazines around the world.

Over the last 12 months, Arnie has helped over a dozen brands with their marketing campaigns, including Gillette, Nike, Chobani, Armani Exchange, DJI, GrubHub, ALO Yoga. Arnie’s experience gives him the ability to seamlessly integrate brands into his cohesive visual aesthetic that permeates throughout all of his content.

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