The Opportunity Letter – Paid Monthly Newsletter by Duston McGroarty


The Opportunity Letter – Paid Monthly Newsletter by Duston McGroarty

A monthly newsletter read by digital marketers in more than 17 different countries (no longer active but you can order the archive of all 18 issues).

Step-By-Step Tutorials

Multiple Resources

  1. 🚇 New Underground Traffic Source: This new traffic source will create many first-time millionaires
  2. 💼 Build a $5k/Month Business in 3 Days: An instructional story of how I built a $5k/mo business in 3 days and the strategy I used
  3. 🆓 Free Facebook Traffic Hack: How to hack the Facebook algorithm for a metric butt-ton of free traffic
  4. 🕰️ Old-School Outdated Traffic Source Brought Back to Life: This 20-year-old traffic source gives all new meaning to a few smart marketers
  5. 🔄 Unconventional Campaign Generates TONS of Cheap Leads: This unique approach to list-building cuts lead costs in half
  6. 📧 This Strategy Gets Thousands of Email Subscribers For FREE: Underused free traffic strategy to build your email list fast
  7. 💻 The Highest Paying Online Job: Work From Home, 1 Hour A Day, $200,000 A Year
  8. 💰 My Most Successful Affiliate Campaign: Myth Busted: Direct-Linking Is NOT Dead
  9. 🏋️ Weight Loss Affiliate Campaign Targeting An Underserved Niche: Talk About A MASSIVE Opportunity For Affiliates
  10. 📈 How We Plan To Make An Extra 7-Figures Per Year: A Simple Strategy To Drive Traffic And Make Money
  11. 🚀 Affiliate Marketing 2.0, Reloaded, Ready To Crush It: Never Worry About Getting Banned Again
  12. 🔄 A Shady Arbitrage Strategy or Is It Pure Genius? The Most Advanced Arbitrage Strategy You’ve Never Seen
  13. 🔍 How To Uncover Hidden Pockets Of Affiliate Cash Using One Simple Tool: 160K Searches Per Month—Only 6¢ Per Click
  14. 0️⃣ to 6-Figures Per Month in 9 Months as a Newbie: Anyone Can Start This Online Business TODAY
  15. 🤐 My Secret Underground Traffic Network I Use to Send 3¢ Clicks to Clickbank Offers: One of My Campaigns Had an ROI of 1,871%!
  16. 🌐 A Little-Known High-Quality PPC Ad Network For Affiliates: Run Anything You Want Here… Literally, ANYTHING Goes!
  17. 💼 A Super-Duper FAST Money-Making Opportunity Perfect For Beginners: The Ideal Recession-Proof Business
  18. 📈 How To Rank In Google For Money-Making Keywords In As Little As 12 Minutes: A Guide To Ranking FAST In Google RIGHT NOW
  19. 📧 How To Turn 100 Visitors Per Day Into A $10,800 Per Month Business: Inside Look At A List Building Affiliate Campaign
  20. 🌐 Even The Top Affiliates In The World Have Never Seen This Extremely Profitable Strategy: It’s So Simple, Yet So Effective
  21. 🕵️ Steal This Clickbank Affiliate Business From Me: Seriously, You Can Have the Whole Thing
  22. 🌐 The Biggest Affiliate Marketing Opportunity the Internet Has Ever Seen: This Is Literally A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity
  23. 📧 The Simple 3-Part Email Business Explained: Yes, there are just three parts to the entire thing
  24. 📧 How To Run An Affiliate Email Business: It’s really the same thing, except you’re not promoting your own offers
  25. 🌐 Where To Find An ENDLESS Supply Of Traffic For Your Email Business: Forget about using the policy-restricted ad networks. Do this instead
  26. 🔍 Discover My Secret To Creating Top-Performing Ads And Funnels: It’s a very simple process, just follow it step-by-step
  27. 📬 How To Build A MASSIVE Email List With… Ugly Postcards: One of the most overlooked, yet extremely effective, traffic sources in the world
  28. 💵 Make $199 Every 10 Minutes – Unlimited Earning Potential: No experience necessary and zero out-of-pocket expenses
  29. 📢 3 Overlooked Ad Networks Perfect For Affiliate Marketing: Never write off anything until you’ve tried it yourself
  30. 🏞️ These 1-Page Passive Income Sites Are Perfect For Beginners: Set them up once. Profit from them for years and years
  31. 💸 “Tiny” $20,773.37/Month Clickbank Affiliate Business In A Weird Niche: Hiding in plain sight and overlooked by most
  32. 💼 REVEALED: $141,000/Month Email Newsletter Business: All without selling any of their own products
  33. 💼 Underused PPC Strategy Creates A Consistent, Reliable Income Stream: Don’t conform to social norms, unless you hate money
  34. 💰 How To Generate Same-Day Emergency Cash Using Your Marketing Skills: You do have the “skills to pay the bills”, now use them
  35. 💰 The Affiliate Gold Rush Nobody Is Talking About: Get In While The Gettin’ Is Good
  36. 🕵️ EXPOSED: Native Ad Affiliate Campaign That’s Been Running for 1,185 Days: And How You Can Model It To Set Up Your Own Successful Native Ad Affiliate Campaign
  37. 🌐 A Little-Known High-Quality PPC Ad Network For Affiliates: Run Anything You Want Here… Literally, ANYTHING Goes!
  38. 🏋️‍♂️ Weight Loss Affiliate Campaign Targeting An Underserved Niche: Talk About A MASSIVE Opportunity For Affiliates
  39. 🚨 Attention Clickbank Affiliates: You Need To Start Advertising HERE!!! Why are you not running ads here?
  40. 🚀 My Absolute FAVORITE Paid Traffic Source: Still The Highest Quality Traffic You’ll Ever Find
  41. 📊 Case Study: $5,722.49 in 1 Day from 1 Email: A Creative Way To Promote Affiliate Offers
  42. ⏰ How To Use My 24-Hour SalesmanTM To Make $250,000 In Only 90 Days: With no product, no email list, and no experience
  43. 🔄 How To Use The Slippery Slope Lead-Gen Funnel To Promote Affiliate Products: You can promote ANY type of affiliate product this way
  44. 🔄 Secret Google-Approved Loophole: Get UNLIMITED Google Ads For FREE: Savvy Marketers Have Kept This Hidden From You
  45. 🚀 How To Siphon Tons Of FREE Visitors To Your Brand New Website FAST: Quit Messing Around With Videos And Posting On Social Media… If You Want Fast, Free Traffic… Do This Instead
  46. 💰 How You Can Make $200,000 A Year Starting Right Now: Work From Home, 1 Hour A Day, No Experience Required
  47. 🎥 How You Can Easily Create A Passive Youtube Income Stream: Without Ever Appearing On Camera, Without Doing Any Voiceovers, And Without Outsourcing Anything
  48. 🚀 How To Go From ZERO To $100,000 Per Month In 30 Days Or Less: Regardless Of Your Prior Experience Or Expertise
  49. 💰 You’re Sitting On 5-Figures Of Hidden Monthly Income RIGHT NOW: Yes, I’m 100% Serious. It’s Ready And Waiting For You
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The Opportunity Letter – Paid Monthly Newsletter by Duston McGroarty