TheLawTog – DIY LLC

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TheLawTog – DIY LLC

Are you unsure of how to set up your LLC? 

Maybe you already did it but are unsure of what to do now? Or, perhaps, you want to double-check the work? 

Honestly, friends, you shouldn’t be scared to be protected. The hardest part is the knowledge, which I can give right to you.

Join the thousands of photographers before you that have gone through these videos to either DIY their LLC or double-check their existing formation!

This on-demand access provides the DIY steps to creating and maintaining your own Limited Liability Company.  This course, except for the operating agreement template and filing links, are not downloadable. All videos are to be accessed online. We will not provide any filing services or advisements on which structure to choose. All information is for educational purposes only and does not substitute for an attorney. TheLawTog® provides this general information to assist your knowledge when seeking legal counsel.

What you will learn …

How to choose a business name
Advisements on choice and thoughts on potential conflicts or future trademark plans.

Making sure an LLC is right for you
Additional information on sole proprietorships and corporations provided.

Filing State required formation forms
TheLawTog will show you how to fill out the Articles of Organization.

Drafting an Operating Agreement
TheLawTog will show you how to fill out the accompanying “fill in the blank” operating agreement for single member LLCs.

Preserving your limited liability protection
It isn’t as simple as setting up your business – the government makes you work for it. You’ll learn how to preserve this liability protection.

Tax tips
Tax tips that can help you save money or make strategic business decisions for your LLC.

Getting an EIN
How to identify whether an EIN is needed, our recommendations and how to get one!

Other necessities
You’ll get tidbits on other legalities, as well as recommendations for business planning and strategy as an LLC.

On-Demand Access includes…

  • Specialized Legal Education
  • State Specific Filing Links
  • Videos from TheLawTog with 24/7 online access
  • Fill-in-the-blank Operating Agreement Template
  • One year of access to course
  • BONUS: Access to the exclusive TheLawTog® VIP group for one year.
  • BONUS: Operating Agreement Template

Note: This course is an excerpt of the large BizRevamp course – there may be other lessons referenced that are not available however, this will not impact your knowledge or quality of education.

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TheLawTog - DIY LLC
Original price was: $599.00.Current price is: $49.99.