Ultimate Black Friday Bundle by Justin Goff

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Training #1: How to Build and Grow a Highly Profitable Email List Full of “People With Money”

  • Proven methods to acquire an 8,000-10,000 person email list for FREE in the next two weeks.
  • The #1 traffic source to attract high-value leads.
  • The 12 MOST profitable niches to start your list in and the 3 niches to AVOID.
  • The simple magazine “trick” to ensure your niche remains relevant over time.
  • Strategies to start a list and instantly profit, even without being an expert or well-known.
  • How to structure your offer for a break-even or better on ‘Day Zero.’
  • Advanced list building tactics used by industry giants.
  • Lead magnets that attract “people with money” and a 60-second test to evaluate their conversion potential.
  • Techniques like “list splintering” to double the value of every lead on your list.
  • Legal ways to “hijack” your competitor’s thank you page to filter their best buyers onto YOUR list.
  • Tech requirements for running an email list (beginner-friendly and advanced).
  • And much more…

Training #2: How to Build Massive Email Lists With Low-Priced “Pocket Change” Offers

  • Adding 1,000, 10,000, or even 100,000 new buyers to your email list at no cost.
  • Leveraging “Pocket Change” Offers for list building, especially if you’re not well-known.
  • The formula for creating a winning “Pocket Change” Offer.
  • Key components of a successful offer and the ideal price for maximum sales.
  • The best traffic sources and real-world examples of successful “Pocket Change” Offers.
  • Examples from various niches such as dating, business, copywriting, survival, gardening, politics, cooking, and more.

Training #3: How to Run a Highly-Profitable 1-Day Cash Machine to Any Email List

  • Uncovering the “Anti-Funnel” secret for massive profits with a simple checkout page and a Zoom call.
  • Selecting a compelling topic for your 1-Day Cash Machine.
  • Analyzing your list to determine winning topics.
  • Testing your idea before launching a promotion.
  • Pricing strategies for your training in different niches.
  • Crafting effective promotional emails and a 9-step checklist for pitching your 1-Day Cash Machine.
  • Swipe files with examples of successful 1-Day Cash Machine offers and emails.

Training #4: How to Write “Justin Style” Emails for Maximum Money and Maximum Influence

  • Crafting personality-driven emails for maximum engagement.
  • Generating endless ideas for your emails.
  • The 9 MOST profitable email types.
  • Achieving high open rates (50-60%) on your emails.
  • Selling through emails while maintaining a positive relationship with your list.
  • Real-world examples and swipe files for various niches.
  • List-building strategies for attracting quality leads.
  • And much more…

Training #5: 5-Figure Email Promos From Tiny Lists

  • Crafting winning email promotions for maximum sales.
  • Identifying the types of emails bringing the MOST sales in 2023.
  • Doubling or tripling sales with the “email promo tripod.”
  • The 60-second test for predicting promo success.
  • Pricing strategies based on current market conditions.
  • Increasing affiliate promo earnings by 70% with a simple question.
  • The best day to start email promos and real-world examples.

Training #6: The 13 Most Profitable Email Hooks Of All Time

  • A cheat-sheet of 13 proven email hooks for any price, product, or niche.
  • Examples and success stories for each hook, such as the “S.T.D. hook,” “Truth Serum hook,” “P.O.T.P. hook,” and more.
  • Overcoming writer’s block and creative drought with these hooks.
  • Strategies for maximizing the impact of each hook.
  • Swipe files with examples from various niches.
  • And much more…

Unlock the secrets to building, growing, and profiting from highly engaged email lists with these six powerful training modules! 🌟

About Justin Goff

I’m currently living the semi-retired life where I work an hour or two a day, and focus most of my time on being outside, going to the gym or working with dog rescues (my biggest passion).

Previously I built four multi-million dollar businesses in a variety of niches such as supplements, fitness, and copywriting education. I sold one of those businesses in 2017, and just recently sold another in 2022.

My main focus these days with work is email marketing.

I help people to quickly build and monetize their email lists so they can not work so much, and enjoy life a little more.

If you’re interested in learning how to do that, I suggest you hop on my email by clicking the button below…

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Ultimate Black Friday Bundle by Justin Goff
Original price was: $97.00.Current price is: $29.99.