William Patino – 10 Tips for Landscape Photographers

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William Patino – 10 Tips for Landscape Photographers


There are ten things I wish I knew when I started out in photography. And, here they are.

It’s taken me over a decade to reach a few of my goals in photography and I’ve struggled, alot. The ten tips in my free eBook would’ve saved me hundreds of hours of mistakes, and heaps of heartache. I hope you enjoy my field tested tips!

Learn from my mistakes and accelerate your progress!

This eBook is for you if…

You are struggling to find a direction with your landscape photography.

You’ve seen epic landscape images but feel like you could never get the same results.

You’re confused by all the different knowledge available online.

Imagine you could…

Find a clear cut path with your photography and find your voice as an artist. Understand how to capture the images you dream of taking. Learn from a professional, and rely on proven, field tested tips!

Hear What Photographers Have to Say…

“Ah! It’s so refreshing to read and learn from someone who admits their mistakes and explains what they learned. Super useful tips and a truly inspiring outlook on landscapes. Thanks, Will!!”
-Sharmeen M.

“This was just what I needed. A free dose of inspiration and a kick up the proverbial backside for my photography! If you are reading this and you want to reignite the spark in your landscape photography dive in!”
-Carolina H.

“I loved this! Packed full of useful info, ten thought provoking and inspirational lessons, and some guidance from someone who has been through it! I feel better equipped to find success in my photography! Thank you!!!”
-Tim L.

“After almost a decade of being a photographer, I’ve learned quite a few things about myself, nature and pointing a camera at a landscape. Looking back, there’s a few key things that have helped me get to where I am today. In this document, I’m passing on some advice to help you on your own unique photography journey.”

William Patino
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William Patino - 10 Tips for Landscape Photographers
Original price was: $27.00.Current price is: $5.00.