William Patino – Landscape Photography Masterclass

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William Patino – Landscape Photography Masterclass


From planning and preparation, through to shooting techniques and editing, master landscape photography.

Join me in the field, and in the studio, as I share my whole process from start to finish. I cover everything from mountains and seascapes to night skies and waterfalls, and everything in between. Bad planning, bad composition, and even bad weather will never again hold you back from creating images you love.

Create art that you can hang proudly on your wall.

This course is for you if…

You are struggling with not quite having “the knack” to capture the moment.

You only have a handful of photos you are actually proud of.

You can’t figure out the best ways to make your images stand out in Lightroom & Photoshop.

Imagine you could…

  • Master the skills you need to turn out epic landscapes again and again.
  • Master the fundamentals to achieve the artistic scenic pictures you want.
  • Capture and process your own art like a pro and create breathtaking images!


Hear what landscape photographers have to say…

“Being a fan of William’s work for a few years now, I was thrilled when I saw this course available. This course taught me so many easy-to-do basics that improved my work immensely in just a few weeks. I very much recommend his easy-going method and style over other classes in photography I have taken before.”
– K.I.

“I have been involved with Landscape Photography (as a hobbyist) for nearly a decade. William gets right to the point with some of the issues I have been dealing with. I have been inspired again to get out and shoot more since I have finished and even friends and family have noticed some of the differences for the better. I attribute this to Williams’ expert knowledge.”
– E.R.

“I have been trying to tighten up my Landscape game for a while now. I saw this course and am so happy I started taking his course. In just the first 2 modules he really helped me figure out some fundamentals I have had yet to grasp on my own. Thanks, William, much obliged.”
– P.H.

Units – 14


Length – 8h 50m


Level – Beginner/Intermediate



The Fundamentals

In this lesson, Will covers all the basics of photography. From setting up your camera and choosing what file type to shoot in, to showing you how ISO, aperture, and shutter speed come together to …


Composition is king in visual art. Something badly composed will subconsciously be unpleasant to the eye, regardless of the subject matter. In this lesson, Will takes you through some core composit…

Capturing Mountains

In this lesson, Will takes you through some of the epic mountain landscapes of Fiordland, New Zealand. Along the way, you’ll learn what to look for within grand landscapes and how to isolate …

Processing Mountain Images

Learn how to edit and create impressive imagery in Photoshop in this step-by-step tutorial where Will showcases his approach to processing a mountain image.

Capturing Waterfalls

In this lesson, join Will as he takes you to some beautiful waterfall locations in New Zealand, showcasing how to approach these types of scenes to work with moving water and create beautiful image…

Processing Waterfall Images

Capturing great images is one thing, but editing them correctly is another. In this lesson, Will runs through a variety of powerful techniques in Photoshop, revealing how to create dream-like image…

Capturing Seascapes

In this lesson, Will takes you to some incredible Australian and New Zealand coastlines. You’ll learn what to look for when composing a seascape, how to work with moving water to streak movem…

Processing Seascape Images

Learn how to edit and process a seascape image with a high dynamic range through a range of efficient techniques in Photoshop. You’ll see how to enhance the golden light and create more depth…

Night Photography

Join Will in the field as he sets up beneath the mighty Mount Cook and the incredible Tasman Lake, in New Zealand. Will reveals key considerations for planning and executing a night shoot, from dec…

Processing Night Images

Capturing the night sky is one thing, but knowing how to edit the files is another. In this lesson, Will shows from start to finish, simple and effective techniques for editing your night images. L…

Capturing Forests

In this lesson, join Will in the lush, dense forests of the South Island of New Zealand, where you’ll see the entire image-making process. Learn how to compose a forest scene, dial in the rig…

Processing Forest Scenes

Create striking forest images by learning how to process forest scenes. In this lesson, Will shares his techniques for putting together a focus stack of exposures and how to create a dreamy atmosph…

Shooting in Bad Weather

In this lesson, Will spends a rainy day in Fiordland New Zealand, showcasing the many subjects and scenes that can still be photographed in bad weather. Will demonstrates the creation of several im…

Processing Bad Weather

See the creation process in full as Will processes a raw file in Photoshop, showing a variety of techniques to create more depth and atmosphere in a flat raw file. Learn how and why these methods a…


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William Patino - Landscape Photography Masterclass
Original price was: $400.00.Current price is: $69.99.