Beba Vowels – Pinterest Guide

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Beba Vowels – Pinterest Guide

Are you wanting or needing another place to market your business? What do you have as a backup if Instagram crashes someday? Or if your account gets hacked? If you need another place, Pinterest is an awesome, unused application! This guide would be a good fit if you want to learn how to market yourself on there and get those numbers up, FAST!

Why $27?

Investing in education is one of the best things that you can do for your business, but it can be scary sometimes! Which is why I wanted to make this super affordable. This is years of knowledge & many months of finding different things that have worked or not worked for me before!

What is included?

Included is a 17 paged guide going over a wide range of topics and a 20 minute long video of me walking through the different ways to get your images up on Pinterest & how to get those numbers up! The topics included in the guide are..

– How to create your Pinterest if you don’t already have one, or how to convert a personal one to business account

– Boards; reasons why to have a wide range of boards, examples of boards to create, how to create boards that will sky rocket your engagement

– Images; Naming those images & optimizing them for SEO

– Different ways to upload those images

– Ways to use Pinterest to its full advantage while not spending a dime

– How to get images from your blogs to Pinterest in the fastest ways

– How to utilize a(n) (life changing) app to get the most traction to your website, Pinterest, and Instagram

– How to get seen by wedding blogs

– Creating collages & the importance of them

– Claiming your website & instagram

– Assistants; The importance of them & exact numbers since having mine

– Access to private Facebook group with me + everyone else that gets this guide! 🙂

* no refunds will be given at anytime for anyone * ALL SALES ARE FINAL * 

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Beba Vowels - Pinterest Guide
Original price was: $125.00.Current price is: $27.00.