Wedding Filmmaking Workshop by 31FILMS

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Wedding Filmmaking Workshop by 31FILMS

Build A Profitable Wedding Film Business Without Burning Yourself Out

Practical strategies to create moving wedding films, work with dream clients, command higher rates, and build a business that supports your life.

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It’s Time To “Turn Pro” As A
Wedding Filmmaker

You’ve heard the stories of wedding filmmakers consistently pulling in five-figure projects.

And you know that you’re talented and driven enough to make it happen in your own business.

But despite being good at the craft…

Despite reading blog post after blog post on marketing…

And despite “hustling” so much that you’re falling asleep at the edit bay most nights…

Despite all of that effort, you just haven’t been able to crack the code, raise your prices, and get your business to that level.

That’s why we invited Joey and Aaron from 31Films to share everything they know about turning pro as a wedding filmmaker.

What is “turning pro” you ask? It’s…

Having the next six months of projects booked in advance, plus a waiting list of high value prospects who can’t wait to hand over their cash.

Delivering unique films that clients absolutely love, without spending an arm and a leg on gear, and without living ¾ of your life in an edit bay.

Running a smart, airtight business that pays you and your collaborators handsomely for work you truly enjoy.

And more than anything else, turning pro is doing all of that while still spending quality time with your friends and family and pursuing your passion projects.

Because running a business is great, until it dominates every aspect of your life and leaves you wishing you had “just gotten a regular 9-5 job” like your friends did.

So if you’re tired of spinning your wheels, it’s time to turn pro and take your wedding film business seriously.

And that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do the moment you start digging into 31Films’ Wedding Filmmaking Workshop.

“It’s not a course taught by people who have read one book and claim to be an expert, but true professionals who have been where you are and are now where you want to be.”
—James B.

Who Is 31Films?

With more than 500 weddings filmed over the last 15 years, 31Films has narrowed in on the wedding stories they love to tell, and how to set up their business to tell them in profitable way — all without sacrificing their vision.

In their Wedding Filmmaking Workshop, they pull back the curtain and show you exactly how they did it.

Exactly what you’ll learn in 31Films’ Wedding Filmmaking Workshop:

The difference between documenting an event and crafting a heirloom. Once you learn this small bit of positioning, raising your prices is way easier.

How to consistently attract the right kind of clients to your business. (You know, the types of clients who can not only afford your rates, but who you actually want to work with.)

Specific gear recommendations for both first and second shooters.

Production strategies to help you capture the most compelling story, and the essential B-Roll, every single time, even if you’re short on time.

The art of taming your editing workflow and cutting your post time in half.

Common pitfalls and mistakes the 31Films team has seen from every new wedding filmmaker they’ve met.

How to set up your business for profitability, stability, and longevity.

And plenty more “nuggets of wedding film wisdom” during the Q&A sessions.

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Wedding Filmmaking Workshop by 31FILMS
Original price was: $249.00.Current price is: $39.99.