benj™ OMNIBUS (The Complete Collection)


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benj™ | Omnibus

The Omnibus Pack is a collection my Signature Presets and Luts for Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects & Davinci Resolve. It has over 100 presets and 17 Luts, all of which were accumulated over the years.

These are the tools that I use in my professional career as a Photographer, Videographer, Editor and Motion Graphics Designer.

100+ Lightroom Presets
31 Video LUTS
Complete PDF & User Guides

To avoid online theft (which happened to my previous packs), I did not upload the products here. Instead, I will send the download link to your email when I get a confirmation of your successful purchase. Moreover, you can also send me a personal message on my Instagram www.instagram.com/benjvillena.

Rest assured, you will get the complete package.



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benj™ OMNIBUS (The Complete Collection)