Cinema Sound by Mark Edward Lewis

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Cinema Sound by Mark Edward Lewis

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In this detailed course, seasoned audio guru Mark Edward Lewis guides you through every aspect of sound that you’ll ever need to know as a filmmaker. Recording, dialogue, sound effects, foley, ADR, mixing, fixing – it’s all here for you to master in the most comprehensive audio-for-film series ever created.Subtitles available: English

“Thanks for producing such a great, in-depth resource for audio!”
Jordan Beard
“I didn’t know what I didn’t know about sound and production until Cinema Sound empowered me.”
Bing Bailey, Organ Hill Pictures

About the Educator

Cinema Sound by Mark Edward Lewis

Mark Edward Lewis

Sound Designer, Composer, Filmmaker

There are few titles that sum up Mark’s vast knowledge of the audio discipline, short of “genius”. A veteran Sound Designer, Composer, and Mixer, Mark draws on his own experiences as a Writer, Producer, and Director to help other Filmmakers understand the art and science of sound.


Recording: Process, Perfection, and PurposeRecording: Rules of RecordingRecording: Microphones & Other WeaponsRecording: Lavaliers and Other MunitionsRecording: Sonic Booms & Advanced Microphone T…Recording: Recorders, Roll Sound, Now What?Recording: Solving Issues on Set – An Anthology…Recording: The ReviewRecording: Shoot the ScenesHow Microphones are MadeEdit: Advanced Editing IEdit: Advanced Editing IIEdit: Advanced Editing IIIEdit: Final EditEdit: ExportEdit: SFX Editing BasicsFix: Resurrecting Dead Audio BasicsFix: Killing the Noise and Artifacts IFix: Killing the Noise and Artifacts IIFix: Advanced Dialogue Cleanup IFix: Advanced Dialogue Cleanup IIFix: Multiple Issues, Multiple SolutionsFix: Dialogue to the Cleaners IFix: Dialogue to the Cleaners IIFix: Dialogue to the Cleaners IIIFix: ADR Recording & RevolutionFix: ADR MixingFix: Dialogue Editing, Mixing & Export IFix: Dialogue Editing, Mixing & Export IIFix: Dialogue Editing, Mixing & Export IIIFix: Killing the Noise & Artifacts in Adobe Au…Effects: An Intro to Sound EffectsEffects: Foley, Folks and FunEffects: Tips, Tricks and TerrorEffects: Loop GroupsEffects: Sound Effects RecordingEffects: Advanced Microphone TechniquesEffects: Basic Crunching of Recorded SFXEffects: Advanced Crunching of Recorded SFXEffects: Misusing Software for the Best Result…Effects: The Art of Layering SFXEffects: AmbiencesMusic: Music, Emotion and Moving PicturesMusic: Choosing the Right MusicMusic: Choosing the Right Music IIMusic: Music EditingMusic: Music Editing IIMusic: Working with the ComposerMusic: The Process of Writing MusicMusic: Better & Best Examples In ScenesMix: The Basics of Being a Master MixerMix: Master of Plugin Effects I (Reverb)Mix: Master of Plugin Effects II (Delay Effect…Mix: Master of Plugin Effects III (Special Eff…Mix: Master of Plugin Effects IV (Dynamic Effe…Mix: Master Mixer – Dialog I (Basics)Mix: Master Mixer – Dialog II (ENG & Donuts Mi…Mix: Master Mixer – Dialog III (Action Mix)Mix: Master Mixer – Dialog IV (Macbeth Mix)Mix: Master Mixer – Dialog V (Beach Mix)Mix: Master Mixer – Ambiences I (ENG & Action …Mix: Master Mixer – Ambiences II (Donuts, Macb…Mix: Master Mixer – Sound EffectsMix: Master Mixer: Foley I (Macbeth Mix)Mix: Master Mixer – Foley II (Action Mix)Mix: Master Mixer – Foley III (Donuts, ENG & B…Mix: Master Mixer – Music I (Theory & Macbeth …Mix: Master Mixer – Music II (Donuts, ENG, Bea…Mix: Master Mixer – Integrate and Tweeze I (EN…Mix: Master Mixer – Integrate and Tweeze II (A…Mix: Conform & Control YourselfMix: Mastering & ExportMix: Downmixing, Organization & CheatingMix: The Mixing BreakdownMix: Internet Mixing, Loudness & CheatingWorkspace: Home Studio – BasicsWorkspace: Home Studio – Advanced KnowledgeInspiration: Inspiration, Vocation & Dedication…Inspiration: Examples to Inspire

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Cinema Sound by Mark Edward Lewis
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