Cinetools – Hope | The Ultimate SFX Library

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Cinetools – Hope | The Ultimate SFX Library

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Broad Range Of Moods – Intimacy Sensuality Grace Sadness Tranquility

What do you get when you mix a little bit of romance with just a dash of drama and mystery? Cinetools proudly presents ‘Hope’; the ultimate SFX library featuring over 15GB of glamorous sound effects, covering all kinds of romantic moods to take you through all stages of a love affair with a wide range of emotions that evoke intimacy, sensuality, grace, sadness, and tranquility! The happy and wistful feeling of newfound love OR heartbroken moments of love lost.

Perfect For – Drama Romance Mystery

‘Hope’ is an inspiring tool for great emotional moments and will find a place in your library as an indispensable reference point for your next masterpiece, you can transform any sad situations into tiny tragedies or turn them into happy events by using the sounds in this library. Perfectly suitable for any kind of Drama and Romance film project, from deep-emotional trailer cues to sad and hopeless moments, happy scenes to nostalgic lovers cues, and sensitive breakdowns to dramatic underscores.

Diverse Array Of Content – Downers Moments Whooshes Underscores Transitions Pulses

‘Hope’ includes all the necessary elements you need to create an emotional cinematic project from scratch. This remarkable library provides a massive amount of designed sounds – featuring dramatic trailer cue starters, emotional orchestral themes, inspiring underscores, airy and hopeful moments, atmospheric beds, subtle and slow-moving melodies, intense atmospheres and soundscapes, organic drums and percussions, ticking clocks, deep synth pulses and electronic patterns, epic cinematic hits, stings, deep booms and pounding drum hits, powerful transition effects such as risers, sweeps, reverses, suck-backs, scene openers and closers, sub downers, markers, pings and whooshes and more. All is right here and ready to use, inject a bit of sense of love into your project and see it’s getting increasingly shinny with full of romance!

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Cinetools - Hope | The Ultimate SFX Library
Original price was: $149.00.Current price is: $37.00.