Super Weddings Academy Masterclass

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Super Weddings Academy Masterclass

For whom is this academy?

Are you a wedding videographer, or photographer and want to take your business to another level? Maybe you are thinking about getting into this industry and need guidance on how to do it successfully? You are a creative soul with a strong voice inside that needs to get out?
Or you feel that you are losing time in your current life and that everything you do does not feel right? It does not matter how experienced you are and how many wedding you shot, honestly it does not matter what you do – as long as you desire to change and allow me to trigger change in you.
I am a wedding videographer and photographer who travels the globe to find the most amazing couples in the sickest venues with the best vibe and unforgettable energy.
Shooting from Chicago through Tuscany, Spain and France up to Abu Dhabi and Australia I proudly call myself a destination wedding videographer.
With over 150 weddings under my belt and many awards received I have gathered a huge portion of the unique experience that I want to share with you right now!

Some of my recent films


What will you learn?

My Story

How I become one of the most successful videographers so fast and what’s behind my films that you always wanted to know.

Tools & Gear

Which camera and lens work the best?
How to set up your gear and use the software.
All technical problems solved.

Couple Session

Watch me work with a real couple and observe how to make the coolest shots in any environment.

Editing & Grading

I will show you a detailed insight into my editing and grading process.

Business & Marketing

How to run and develop a money-making brand around the world.

What if you could start working
on awesome weddings from today?

A full-blown masterclass! From having a boring office job to booking a full wedding season in just two weeks.
From shooting 100% local to becoming one of the busiest destination wedding videographers in the world and traveling to weddings from Chicago to Australia and across Europe.
From feeling down and depressed to falling in love with what I do and spinning my life around.
From being bankrupt to earning more than at all my other jobs combined.

From zero to super awesome.

Now it’s time to help YOU get the life you have always desired. I will help you to get out there and actually make the change to become successful, reach your goals, and live a happy life.


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Super Weddings Academy Masterclass
Original price was: $699.00.Current price is: $79.99.