Daniel Kordan Lightroom Masterclass

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5+ Hours in 37 Videos, every tool explained + 10 live samples


Daniel Kordan Lightroom Masterclass

📸 What will YOU learn?
Learn to master editing of your own images, develop your unique style, and get the most of your portfolio by learning from this full course on Adobe Lightroom classic. You’ll be surprised to see my raw files. They are not very different from any of yours. Sometimes with grey colour, disturbing details, imperfect light, thousands of them on the drive. I’ve overcome this challenge by developing my personal system, including selection, colour grading, and maintaining a certain mood and style.
In this course I will give a step by step guide and detailed explanation of every tool I’m using in Lightroom. It’s suitable for beginners up to professionals who will be curious to see my full workflow with signature softening tricks and color grading techniques, following my step by step system.
In the first chapter I explained about storage and Library. How I keep my Lightroom classic workflow optimised and max out performance. I’m travelling 300 days per year so always edit on the go. Fast and efficient.
The next chapter is all about optimising storage and sorting out photos. Learn to find and recognize the best images without getting lost.
In the third chapter I will explain the steps of developing photos, paying attention to practical examples without going too much into theory.
The fourth chapter of the Lightroom course is about local adjustments, signature softening effects, use of gradients for local adjustments, and glowing highlights. The essential part will be devoted to color grading to keep your portfolio consistent and outstanding. I explain the mechanics behind all the tools as well as their practical application. That will give you understanding and confidence in using Lightroom tools.
And finally, 5th chapter is on exporting images, managing presets, and understanding the color space.
Besides, I’ve included 10 walkthrough editing sessions on absolutely different situations: from night to Sunrise, wild animals or cityscapes.
Suitable for beginners with very detailed explanation and to Pro’s to find Daniel’s practical signature step by step workflow.
Daniel Kordan Lightroom Masterclass
Daniel Kordan Lightroom Masterclass

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Daniel Kordan Lightroom Masterclass
Original price was: $299.00.Current price is: $49.99.