Fiction Profits Academy – Self-Publishing Course with Karla Marie

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Fiction Profits Academy 3.0 – Self-Publishing Course with Karla Marie


10 Steps To Dominate Publishing

Comprehensive breakdown of publishing from start to finish. From beginner to seven-figure publisher, we’ve got you covered.


Launch Plan Mastery

A-Z Techniques for seven-figure book launching. Whether you’re conservative with your budget, or launch to the moon, we know the secret sauce.


Book Marketing Ninja Tactics

Simply put, we are industry leaders in book marketing. Facebook cowers in our shadow. Amazon ads run to mommy when we enter the scene.

We teach you everything from the ground up.

Even if you are an experienced publisher, chances are you are missing some basics. Your foundation might be built on quicksand. We teach the basics, all the way to seven figure publishing. We’ve also partnered with an amazing ghostwriting company for those who are tired of writing.

Mindset For Marketing

By obtaining this one simple piece you could become a seven-figure publisher fairly quickly. Most publishers need a healthy dose of self confidence and self belief. This is our specialty!

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Chave L

I actually quit publishing because of Karla’s program — and that’s a good thing. I was able to make $1.2 million in revenue in the last year, which allowed me to fund my own Ecom business and focus on what I’m really passionate about. Couldn’t be more grateful!

Jane O.

My first 2 years, I earned about $300k, and in the past 2 years, I’ve earned just over a million dollars—mid six figures a year.
Now I make more each month than I’ve ever earned in an entire year before kindle publishing, which is so cool.
I used to be a single mom supporting my family on food stamps and student loans.
Now I’m debt free, own my home, cars, and have decent retirement portfolio as well as disposable income. But the best part is I work in my pajamas and love what I do.

Rachel R.

My life has 100% transformed because of Karla Marie and the Digital Doers LP course. My mindset has changed, I’ve built a multi-six figure a year publishing business and I have kissed my corporate, 9-5 job goodbye and built an insane financial future for myself! Literally CANNOT say thank-you enough!!

What is Fiction Profits Academy

Learning is easy when you can watch over our shoulders. Our videos make publishing a breeze.

Join a program with over 4,000 happy students and over
$15+ million in student revenue.

Self-publishing is the easiest way to grow a passive online business. We make learning the process fun and simple.

What we teach


Learn to set realistic goals and take easy action. Remove past barriers that have kept you from success.


Amazon doesn’t have to be complicated. We teach you easy-to-follow steps so that publishing is quick and efficient.


Earn beyond what you thought was possible through advanced strategies from our 7-figure coaches.

Discover Our Simple Method

Step-by-step guidance for leveraging Amazon in a brand new way.

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Fiction Profits Academy - Self-Publishing Course with Karla Marie
Original price was: $1,497.00.Current price is: $79.99.