Future Filmmakers – Filmmakers Course

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Future Filmmakers – Filmmakers Course

If you are interested in creating videos and don’t know where to start or you have some experience and want to take it to the next level, this video course is for YOU! We have had a thriving film business for the past 11 years, we have worked with major corporations, celebrities and have filmed multiple million dollar weddings. We decided to take our years of experience and knowledge and turn it into a complete beginners film course.

For years we have been asked about how we film, what cameras do we use, how to edit, what software we use, etc. so we are now taking it online and giving you all of our secrets! Our youtube channel has also sparked a lot of interest in the way we tell stories so that is another huge aspect of this course, we want you to be able to tell a captivating story that will engage your audience or just make really cool videos where you can let your imagination run wild!

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Are you ready to start making better videos NOW?
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What we cover:
and more….


The time has come! We cannot tell you how stoked we are to help you become the filmmaker you have dreamed of!

This is perfect for beginners and also for the more advanced. This course will take you from beginner to filmmaker.

Yes, it’s a BOLD statement however if you follow this course you will see the transformation happen right before your eyes!

Now is the perfect time to level up your skills and start making amazing videos!

Hi, we are Sandi Jimi

We are super duper excited to meet you! We know exactly why you are here-you want to make amazing videos- are we right? Creating videos are challenging and can take years to master. This course will be your fast track to getting there much quicker. Actually you can go through the course within a week if you want and hit the road running. The sky is the limit and your creativity will take you there. We will be with you the entire way:).



This course is totally killer! I can’t get over how Jimi and Sandi were able to make everything so clear and easy to follow. I know nothing about filmmaking except I want to get better and start my own youtube channel. I knew I had to learn and was overwhelmed by how much there was that I needed to know. I found their course and was instantly sold. They are so likable, real and down to earth. You can tell they know what’s up by how in depth they go and how they break it down. I can’t say enough amazing things about this course and I want to personally thank Sandi and Jimi for taking the time to build this course for all of us out here wanting to get better.

Katrina Jadkowski

Katrina Jadkowski
“With the invention of the smartphone, it has never been easier to become a filmmaker, but how to start? Frustration can sit in pretty quickly. Sure, there are unlimited videos you can research on YouTube, covering various topics, but never a comprehensive step-by-step guide.
Future Filmmakers course takes you on a journey as a beginner, and you end up with the skills to be a professional.
Jimi’s advice makes you feel he is right there with you in your home studio. The videos are filled with guidance and are delivered in a friendly format that everyone from youngster to adult can follow. Somethings covered were things I thought I already knew, but knowledge is power, and there are many nuggets of hidden information. So I recommend watching it all. You will get your money’s worth with this course, and the couple is just so cool. I mean, who doesn’t love a pink mohawk!
This course has given me the confidence to take my videos to the next level, I’m not ready for a drone yet, but with Jimi’s advice on everything from equipment to content, I feel unstoppable.”

future filmmakers video course

Jennifer Johnson

“WOW! Just started the course and I’ve already learned so much!!! Can’t wait to start playing around and making my own videos! The way Sandi and Jimi teach the course makes it super easy to learn. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that wants to get better at filmmaking.

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This course will take you from beginner to filmmaker.
Future Filmmakers - Filmmakers Course
Original price was: $597.00.Current price is: $97.00.