India Earl Education – Customizable Contract Set

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India Earl Education – Customizable Contract Set

Never question the reliability of your Wedding & Session contracts using this Customizable Contract Set, written directly by a lawyer.

About This Product

The set includes a Wedding Contract Template and a Session Contract Template that can apply to couples, families, newborns, portraits, children, etc. The contracts are provided in both a Microsoft Word document as well as a Pages document.

Lawyers typically range between $250-$1000 per hour to write contracts, meaning this will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars! You need to make sure you’re always protected in advance before you regret it.


— details pertaining to wedding/session and client

— non-refundable retainer, payment schedule and requirements

— late fees, completion schedule

— details sent in advance requirement

— rescheduling and cancellation of wedding or shoot date

— late arrivals

— defined photographic materials and services included

— artist right of discretion for images

— printing rights, client use of images

— exclusive photographer clause

— copyright and reproductions (customize this whether you sell digitals, prints, etc)

— client method of portraying and sharing images

— photographer social media usage, safe working environment

— capturing desired photographs

— cooperation of clients and guests, failure to perform

— right to bring photography assistant at discretion

— standard price list subject to change

— injury protection, modification requirements

— booking confirmation

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India Earl Education - Customizable Contract Set
Original price was: $55.00.Current price is: $9.99.