India Earl Education – Guide To Presenting Pricing

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India Earl Education – Guide To Presenting Pricing

This guide will teach you how to effectively sell and present your pricing in an effective manner to help your potential clients understand your value using emotional and informational psychology. By doing this, you’ll be able to better attract the right type of clients to you as well as confidently charge what you want while increasing booking rates. The guide covers how to increase your income per client so that you can make more and work less, by teaching you how to effectively sell higher packages, add ons, and albums.

About This Product

For a long time, I really struggled with booking the clients I really wanted. I would get lots of inquiries, but it didn’t seem like any of them valued me or what I was offering the way I hoped. Not to mention I would get ghosted time and time again after sending back my pricing. I realized that I wasn’t effectively selling and presenting myself, what I offer, my pricing, or gaining the client’s trust with my simple little messy pricing guide.

This guide is packed with tips, tricks, and information that has helped me book the clients I want and save time doing backend work so I can focus on what I love about photography. It’s taken me years and years of mistakes and missed opportunities to learn all of this. I know I would have been able to confidently start making the money I wanted to make a lot sooner. Not only has this process helped my business grow and my bookings increase, but several others as well!


— a downloadable PDF guide file packed with information

— a broken-down, step by step template flow to follow

— tools, ideas, and strategies to implement to increase bookings and profits

— visuals from my own pricing guide so you can have an example of the strategies put to action


01. Psychology That Goes Into Creating A Strong Pricing Guide

02. Why You Should Take Design Seriously

03. Building Client Confidence And Trust

04. Effective Pricing PDF Layout

05. Booking Higher Priced Packages

06. Selling Albums Add Ons

07. Presenting Yourself As To Not Turn The Client Off

08. How To Save Yourself Dozens Of Hours Emailing During The Booking Process




— Although the language in the guide is catered towards wedding photographers, it can apply to any type of freelance photographer or videographer (families, newborns, boudoir, seniors, portraits, couples, fashion, commercial, etc)

— I don’t like to say it’s meant for any certain experience level (beginner, intermediate, experienced), as this guide is ideal for anyone who feels they struggle with increasing their inquiry to booking rates and gaining trust from clients who value your work for the right reasons

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India Earl Education - Guide To Presenting Pricing
Original price was: $100.00.Current price is: $19.99.