Katch Silva – Posing & Directing

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Genuine Emotion & Meaningful Images.
This class will teach you how to create natural, genuine and emotionally rich images while making your couples feel comfortable, and giving them a fun, memorable experience. You’ll learn how to direct in a way that allows the couple’s dynamic to come through in the images, while creating a ton of posing variety in your work. Posing is so much more than cue cards, and everything I’ve learned about it is in this class.


what did you think of the class?

“I have picked up some online classes in the past and I’m attending my first workshop in November (yay for education!), but I have to say that I can really tell you poured out everything into this. Your class has got to be the most eye-opening and detailed one I have gotten 🙂 Thank you so much for putting this out into the community with so much raw advice and things that a lot of other photographers don’t really talk about! Thank you! Going to recommend your class to everyone.

– Emily

“Katch’s class is incredibly thorough. This is my 4th year as a full time couples/wedding photographer, and I was starting to feel stuck in a rut both inspirationally and especially with posing. This class helped me analyze exactly where I can improve and how to go about doing so. It not only is helping me create better photos, but more importantly providing a much more enjoyable experience for my clients during the session. I’m sure I will read back through it often.”

– Amelia

what will i learn?

  • Setting Expectations
  • Building Trust & Comfort
  • Creating a Space for Vulnerability
  • The Importance of the First Email (My Email Template Included)
  • 8 Tips To Rock Your Couple Session
  • Setting the Mood On-Set
  • My “Pre-Session Hangout” and Why it Works
  • The Prep Talk: Preparing Them Mentally
  • Intimate sessions: Fostering an Environment of Intimacy
  • 4 Communication Styles
  • How to Communicate Better
  • Active Listening
  • 10 Ways to Kick Butt as a Communicator
  • Body language
  • Giving Feedback
  • Allowing the Couple’s Dynamic to Guide Your Direction
  • 7 Ways to Not Be So Dang Intimidating
  • Taking Breaks to Shoot More Efficiently
  • Balancing Down Time & Active Time
  • When to Direct and When to Step Back
  • Slowing the F down
  • Active v. Quiet Moods
  • Controlling the Flow of the Session
  • Giving Them Space to Be Themselves
  • How to Give Active and On-Going Prompts
  • How to Capture Killer In-Between Moments
  • Making the Most of a Pose
  • Small Changes to Make a Big Difference
  • Waiting for the Right Moment
  • Easy Ways to Get a Shit-Ton of Variety
  • Nailing Focus With Fast-Paced Prompts
  • Creative Ways to Change Your Perspective
  • Technical Tips for Capturing Emotion
  • Breaking Down a Pose
  • Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • How to NOT GET STUCK!
  • The Right and Wrong Ways to Ask Intimate Questions
  • How to Direct, Not Pose
  • Fostering Genuine Interations
  • Posing Prompts With Tons of Visual Examples
  • Directing Couples Who Aren’t Physically Affectionate
  • 40 of My Favorite Questions
  • 40 of My Favorite Prompts
  • Creating Your Own Questions & Prompts
  • What Are Your Go-To Poses When You’re Crunched for Time?
  • How Can I Get Better at Quickly Recognizing Issues I Should Correct?
  • Do You Focus More on Emotion or Position?
  • What to Do If My Client is Stiff, Awkward and Shy?
  • How Specific Do You Get When Giving Direction?
  • How Often Are You Directing/Talking During a Session?
  • How Can I Get Variety Without Going Blank?
  • Where Do You Get Your Inspiration for Posing? How Can I Keep it Fresh Instead of Doing What Everyone Else Does?
  • How to Stay Out of the Copy-Cat Mentality
  • How to Use Posing Inspiration to Create Fresh Work
  • Big Posing Inspiration Mood Board

What’s Included:

  • Unlimited Access to Online Class
  • 2 Behind The Scenes videos (35-40 minutes each)
  • Tons of Visual Examples
  • Access to My Article: 8 Tips To Rock Your Couple Session

After you purchase the class you’ll receive an email with your password to access the online class. You can access the class at anytime, and read/watch at your own pace. The Behind The Scenes videos are part of the class, and you can watch them at your own pace as well.

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Katch Silva - Posing & Directing
Original price was: $300.00.Current price is: $39.99.