Kylie Morgan – Wedding Guide Bundle

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Kylie Morgan – Wedding Guide Bundle

What’s a Wedding Guide and why do you need it?

A Wedding Guide is essentially a magazine chalk full of information to help a couple plan their special day! It’s full of tips and tricks to help make the day run smoothly, things they may want to take into account, etc.– all from a photographers perspective! It has been SO helpful not only for my bride and grooms in their planning process (especially if they don’t have a coordinator for their day), but for me as well!! I don’t have to repeat myself over and over again about lighting or what I recommend, details to have on hand, etc.! Plus they’re a fun little gift to send out to your bride grooms if you want to go above and beyond in creating a memorable personable experience for them!

So many times things like this get overlooked and pushed to the back burner because it’s simply SO. TIME CONSUMING.  And who has time for extra details no matter how helpful they might be amongst all of the other busy work that you already have?? That’s why this bundle is so handy and pretty much does the bulk of the stressful and hard work for you.  From providing you with the stepping stones into wording your own guide with topics to cover and points to touch base on, page by page customizable (super user friendly) templates that can be RE-USED over and over, and a 15 minute instructional video to walk you through every single step of the process– from inserting images, changing font colors/type, all the way down to exporting it as a PDF– this bundle has everything you need to be offering these helpful tips to your clients within the hour.


Why $200?

Not only will this save you hours of trying to come up with image placements, how to word your guides, what info to include, etc— but these templates are universal for ALL types of guides you create. It’s a step by step process of some of Photoshops basics and how to set you up for success creating any guide.

This information may not be for everyone, not everyone feels it’s necessary to send ‘Wedding Guides’ to clients–and some have other ways of relaying this information! That’s okay! This is a personal step in my workflow that I found was not only helpful, but genuinely appreciated and fun– giving my clients an even BETTER experience when they book with me.


Whats Included:

22 page PDF of what a Wedding Guide is and what information could be put in your own guide. The stepping stones to writing your own tips and tricks.

30 customizable, reusable, and simple Photoshop templates

a 15 minute instructional video on how to use the templates incorporate your own brand into them


Whose it for:

Anybody wanting to give their wedding clients an even better experience! (For photographers AND videographers! Heck it can be for coordinators too!) Send it via email, or print the magazine and send it by mail to your couples with a little “thank you for booking” package!


What programs you need:

All templates are made for the latest version of Photoshop.

Instructional Video plays via QuickTime Player.


**Please download via computer, not mobile– as it won’t download! The file size is large due to Photoshop Templates**

**No refunds will be given on purchased items. All sales are final**

After purchasing, you will be directed to download the link file. Email us directly at support@tutorialz.org if you aren’t able to download the bundle directly after purchasing.

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Kylie Morgan - Wedding Guide Bundle
Original price was: $200.00.Current price is: $39.99.