PRO EDU – Introduction to Capture One

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PRO EDU – Introduction to Capture One with Pratik Naik


Learn Capture One Pro Workflow 

Capture One Pro is a comprehensive 101 level course designed for photographers and retouchers to learn the most powerful RAW processing & post-production workflow program available today. Capture One Pro is highly regarded as an industry leading software and continues to provide professionals with the best tools to take their images to the highest quality available.


Distinguished retoucher and instructor Pratik Naik invites you to a structured 6-hour course on learning the essentials of Capture One Pro 9. This 19 part video series, begins with covering workspaces, catalogs, library management, and then delves into a thorough explanation of Sessions vs. Catalogs and everything in between to familiarize the viewer with Capture One’s powerful file management system. Pratik goes on to demonstrate the ease of using Capture One Pro 9 through his patient and thorough teaching methods. This course is a well-organized approach to a comprehensive program that is essential to photographers that want to get the most out of a RAW file. You don’t have to search through hours of video to find what you need to harness the power of Capture One Pro, because we’ve organized the content for you, so you can easily reference the sections you want, from any device.

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PRO EDU - Introduction to Capture One
Original price was: $49.00.Current price is: $8.00.