Rebecca Rice – Profitable Mini Sessions

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Rebecca Rice – Profitable Mini Sessions

After completing this course, you’ll know…

  • PROVEN SYSTEMS to have fully-booked minis every time
  • HOW TO POSE FAMILIES/KIDS to confidently capture all the shots you’ll need
  • How to PRICE YOUR PACKAGES to make the most of your time and energy
  • How to UPSELL the full galleries through automated emails (without IPS) to maximize your profits
  • MARKETING STRATEGIES to confidently advertise through social media, email, and facebook ads
  • How to PREPARE FOR YOUR MINIS with location scouting, promo shots, and a step-by-step playbook to follow
  • How to design an EXCELLENT CLIENT EXPERIENCE that keeps clients coming back
  • How to set up WORKFLOWS & AUTOMATIONS to streamline your processes and save you time

“Rebecca’s course was a game-changer! This fall alone, I was able to book 95 MINI-SESSIONS where I was able to up-sell 52 clients’ galleries and I made close to $15K IN MINIS ALONE – more than covering the investment of the course. Even if you feel like you have a solid mini-session game, this course will open your eyes to aspects you may not have considered and be a game changer for you and your minis!”


ive your clients will determine if they come back year after year and tell their friends about you. In this module I’m walking through every step of my client experience from when a client first inquires all the way to requesting a testimonial after their session. (Any email or guide templates I mention are INCLUDED!!) I share the personal touch points I include that will help elevate your brand and allow you to raise those prices!

I won’t let you purchase this course without knowing exactly what’s included.
So here’s a breakdown of all of the lessons you’ll be receiving:



If you’re a HoneyBook user, I’ve got something for you, too! HoneyBook is a great alternative CRM, and I know a ton of my students already use it. In this module, I’ll be sharing my screen and walking you through everything you need to know to set up HoneyBook. We go through all of the templates, project types, and automations that can be set up. You can use this self-paced lesson to set up your HoneyBook account right alongside me!



In this module, I share my screen to show  you the ins and outs of using Dubsado, my preferred CRM! Dubsado is SUPER powerful and allows you to automate 90% of your mini-sessions process. I know automations can get overwhelming and confusing, but don’t worry! I’ll walk you through every step you’ll need to set everything up in your own Dubsado account. Just pause as you go and work along-side me to get it all going. It’s like I’m sitting right next to you helping you out!



This is where I go over EVERYTHING you need to know to prepare for your successful, BOOKED OUT minis! You’ll learn how to plan your minis throughout the year, how to get promo shots for advertising, and how to scout for the best locations for your minis. I’ve also included a behind-the-scenes video of me scouting a location, and a step-by-step playbook for you to follow that tells you exactly what you should be doing in the weeks leading up to your minis!



Marketing can already be a scary word, but when we add Social Media to the mix, things can get a little crazy. Don’t worry, I’ve got you! In this module I walk you through the ins and outs of marketing yourself on Instagram and Facebook (for FREE). I share my biggest tips and tricks for advertising your minis and making the algorithm work FOR YOU, instead of posting blindly, hoping people book with you.



In case you haven’t heard it, email is KING! If you don’t have an email list to be marketing to, you’re missing out!! In this module I teach you WHY you should be utilizing email marketing, and HOW to start your email list TODAY. I also go over the best strategy I’ve found to grow your email list quickly with qualified leads who will book with you when you open up your minis.



Bonus course, anyone?! (All the praise hands!!) After you’ve learned the ins and outs of email marketing, it’s time to implement. Enter FLODESK, the Canva of email systems!! In this bonus mini-course, I walk you through how to set up everything you’ll need to start your email list and market to your subscribers. I share my screen so you can follow along step-by-step and set yours up alongside me.



Have you ever tried to run Facebook Ads and ended up wasting money because you had no idea what  you were doing? I’m here to help!! In this module, I’m teaching you ALL THE THINGS! These lessons honestly could be a course on its own, but  I decided to include it as a module here because I know it will be helpful for you. You’ll learn how FB Ads are structured, what campaign types would be best for you, how to craft a winning ad, beginner and advanced audience targeting, how to get it all set up in Ads Manager, and how to analyze the analytics once your ads are running. (Told you it was all the things!)



What if you implement everything I’ve taught so far and your minis STILL AREN’T BOOKING? In this module I’ll walk you through 5 ways to troubleshoot your minis and find out why you aren’t booking (and how to fix it). When you invest in this course, you’re investing in a business coach who truly cares about your success (ME!). These lessons will help you figure out what’s not working, and if you need more help I’m available through our Student Facebook Group! I’m determined to get minis working for  you, even if they start off a little rocky. We’ve got this!



At this point you’ve prepared for your minis, marketed them and sold out. Now it’s time to actually shoot them! In this module I walk you through everything you need to know about shooting your minis on the day-of! With a mix of face-to-face teaching and behind-the-scenes of real minis, you’ll learn my  shooting workflow that helps me get a full gallery of must-have images in only 15 minutes. I’ve also included a lesson about rescheduling in case weather or sickness gets in the way.



My editing workflow is a HUGE time-saver for my business…and I want to share it with you! I’ll show you exactly what happens as soon as I finish capturing my photos. How I organize all of my files, culling in Photo Mechanic, bringing photos into Lightroom, and everything in between! I even through in a lesson where you can watch me edit a mini-session from start to finish! I promise, you’ll love it!!



Up-selling is where the MAGIC happens in your mini-sessions! I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for In-Person Sales (IPS). With this non-IPS model, you’ll be able to increase your profits by up-selling your additional gallery images through AUTOMATED EMAILS! (Don’t worry, I give you templates so you know exactly what to say.) This model is perfect for anyone who wants to make more money with their limited time.



Remember that automatic up-selling I had mentioned? In this module I share my screen and show you the back-end of how I set up those automations in my gallery delivery system, Shootproof. If you use another system like Pixiset or Pass, the set-up is similar and can easily be transferred to your preferred system. No need to figure it out on your own! I literally walk you through it step-by-step so you can have your automatic emails making you more money in no time! I even include my exact email templates that I use in my own business for you to copy and paste if you’d like!

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Rebecca Rice - Profitable Mini Sessions
Original price was: $799.00.Current price is: $99.99.