Robert Brunhage – Build a Production-ready Flutter App

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Robert Brunhage – Build a Production-ready Flutter App

A curated learning session to fast track your skills

Have you used Flutter but want to get to the next level?

Tired of writing code that becomes messy, hard to manage, and want a streamlined way of building apps?

I understand, I’ve been there!

I won’t teach you how to use a Row or Column (you should already be familiar with that). Instead, you will learn how to build robust applications from scratch.

This course will give you the knowledge you need to build production-ready apps!

I’ll guide you through the most important steps, such as building the UI, choosing the right architecture, handling errors, testing, and much more.

This is an intermediate-level course. BUT if you have a basic knowledge of Flutter, then it might be for you as well!

I don’t aim for this to be a long length course. The speed at which I teach will be very fast. Don’t expect tons of hours of content which you might be used to from other courses.

Do you wish you were rich?
Do you wish you were successful?
This course can’t help with that! But it will teach you about state management 😎

The Ultimate Flutter Course

Build a complete production-ready Flutter application

What do you get?













Here is what people are saying about the course

Robert’s Ultimate Flutter Course is THE best way to learn how to build production ready-applications. Each lesson has a single purpose, that is easy to understand and builds on the previous learnings. If you’re looking to learn or improve your Flutter skills, then look no further.

James Perkins

This course covers all the important concepts and techniques needed to build production-ready apps, and delivers them in a fun and engaging way. If you’re serious about Flutter app development, this is an excellent resource!

Andrea Bizzotto

What will you learn?


Module 1: Structure and Building UI

Setting up the base structure of the project as well as building out the UI are two very important parts


Module 2: State Management

We are going to utilize Riverpod to build a robust state management solution and it will also be fully testable


Module 3: Architecture & API

Getting into the fun part of API calls we also have to think about a solid architecture, entities, repositories, services and so on


Module 4: Error handling

Making API or any other request with a chance of failure needs to be handled correctly. That is why we will utilize our architecture to make it easy to handle


Module 5: Testing

Learning Unit, Widget, and Integration testing and how to test using stub and mock data


Module 6: Solid Animations

Solid animations are animations that aren’t over the top but enhances the users’ experience, such as staggered animations


Bonus module

Depending on feedback during the course we will add more content here such as automated testing and so on

Hey! 👋

I’m Robert Brunhage. You may know me by my YouTube channel or being a GDE in Flutter & Dart. Not too long ago, I also coded myself into corners, making code hard to manage, and was lost in making it scalable.

I’ve been there but, that is also why I know how to get out of it. I’ve learned from trial and error, consulting, teaching, as well as working with other professionals!

Save time and frustration by learning an efficient system to build flutter applications.


What do people say about me?

A true Flutter expert. Robert knows the details of Flutter but also has the ability to explain it in an understandable way. Highly recommended.

Shannon Galway

Thanks to Robert I’ve been able to rapidly go from a total novice programmer to now having 3 apps on both the App Store and Google Play store. If you want to excel at Flutter, Robert is your guy! He is an excellent teacher!

Niklas Brodd

Is it really for me?

I made this course with the main goal of giving structure when learning Flutter. Instead of taking multiple months or even years to get to a solid understanding, the course will walk you through that, right away.

Learning things like Testing, Architecture, Animations are crucial for building good and reliable apps which is something that can be very hard to get right.

I’ve taught on YouTube with almost two million views, done consulting for businesses and clients. I’ve taken all this knowledge and created the course I wish I had when I started.

If I would teach this in one on one meetings, that would be up in the price range of $2500 or more.

The question always comes down to, how serious are you?

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Robert Brunhage - Build a Production-ready Flutter App
Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $27.00.