Scott Robert Lim Complete Pack

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Scott Robert Lim Complete Pack

Over forty-three hours of in-depth video tutorials and a whole suite of editing tools!

Your photography is about to change once and for all. Starting with the fundamentals, I’ll teach you how to understand using your camera so instinctively that it practically disappears, how to choose the right gear for your art, and how to set yourself up for success.

Whether you are just getting started or you have been shooting for years, the courses and tools in my Complete Pack will allow you to reach your photographic goals in a fraction of the time.

What’s included?

Master your camera, use light like a pro, and post-process your photographs into jaw-dropping works of art.

Posing Masterclass

27 LESSONS | 4H 50M


The posing techniques in this course will give every photographer a foundation to build their own signature posing style and also enable you to tell a better visual story through your portraits with consistent results and greatly enhanced images.

Low-Budget Photography

11 LESSONS | 2H 15M


When it comes to taking great pictures, there are no excuses, especially when it comes to gear. This course will definitively prove that you DO NOT have to spend a lot of money to take great pictures.

Creating Wow in Your Photos

9 LESSONS | 1H 15M


Train your mind and eye to look for the elements which will help you tell a more powerful story with your photos and how to eliminate all elements which distract your audience from that story so that you can take your photos to the next level.

How to Master Your Camera

10 LESSONS | 1H 16M


The journey to mastery always begins with the fundamentals. In this course I’ll show you how to express your creative vision and reach the next level in your photography through consistent excellent use of these fundamentals.

Prime Lenses Masterclass

7 LESSONS | 1H 28M


As a photographer your two primary lens choices are zoom lenses or fixed length lenses, also known as Prime Lenses. In this course you’ll learn the advantages of using primes and amazing creative effects you can achieve with them.

Intro to Fashion Photography



The average person only spends ½ a second looking at an image. This course teaches you the secrets to capturing and keeping your audience’s attention and engaging their mind.

Photography Composition

13 LESSONS | 2H 15M


In this course, you will learn composition techniques, distilled from my 20 years of experience, that will give you practical and useful methods to help you take your photos to a world-class style.

Natural Light Photography

19 LESSONS | 2H 37M


Great portraits start with great light and using poor or insufficient light will result in a mediocre portrait at best which is why it is crucial for any photographer to understand the difference between average, good and great light.

Constant Light Photography

18 LESSONS | 2H 18M


Creating your own light is the first step to developing your signature lighting style. This course will dramatically improve your photography through constant light techniques.

Low Light Photography

11 LESSONS | 1H 40M


Creating dramatic light in low light is easy to do when following these step by step instructions. If you want to master how to get great shots in any low light situation, then this class is for you!

Flash Photography

38 LESSONS | 6H 6M


Many photographers won’t use flash because they can’t get good results. This course will show you what a powerful tool it is and the secrets to great flash photography.

How to Become a Successful Photographer

7 LESSONS | 1H 15M


I’ve mentored many successful six figure artists and want to share some of my proven business and marketing concepts that have created a lot of success for me and others.


Have a professional workflow for your editing and master advanced techniques.

Fine Art Techniques



Take this course and learn how to create a fine art, signature style that will set your work apart from the masses and help you create images that will endure the test of time.

Lightroom Workflow

18 LESSONS | 2H 55M


This course will simplify the many confusing aspects of Lightroom and show you how to stay completely organized no matter how many images you have and despite using multiple computers and laptops.

Lightroom Editing

18 LESSONS | 2H 33M


This course will jumpstart your Lightroom learning and is your shortcut to editing success. I’ll explain “how” to use these tools but also the “why” behind the tools so that you can use them to start to formulate your own signature style.

Retouching Secrets

17 LESSONS | 2H 43M


Fashion and glamour artists will gain much from learning to beautify your subjects and this course will not only teach you several powerful retouching secrets, but it will also open up new ways for you to photograph stunning portraits.

Sky Replacement

13 LESSONS | 2H 21M


If you want to learn how to add a sky the correct way and make your photos more dynamic with a beautiful sunset or dramatic sky and bring new life to a flat image, this is the course for you.

Textures Application



Alien Skin’s Exposure software is a powerful program you can use to add numerous effects that add extra life and pop to your images, and I’m going to show you how to do it easily and consistently.

Color Toning Effects



Learn how to create stunning color toning effects such as monochrome, duotones, split tones and basic color grading to give your work a distinctive look and signature style.

Lighting Drama & Flair



Photographers searching for that extra “wow” to add to their photos and image creators who are deep into lighting will love this class. This class will help you extend your lighting style and translate this into your imagery.

Photoshop Actions

12 LESSONS | 59M


Photoshop actions are one of the major tools any photographer can use to accelerate their creativity. I share my most essential Photoshop Actions to help bring new life to your photos and workflow.

Quickstart your Photography

Bonus Content

Photography Posing Guide



This is a guide filled with diagrams, example photos, and a summary of key points of each pose. This will help you quickly pose and create a variety of looks when posing women, men or couples.

Introduction to Photography Lighting



This class will teach you how to quickly set up low light shots- what gear to use for maximum wow factor, light placement, important keys to look on location to produce the best shots and even how to use mixed lighting, both constant light and flash.

Photography Tools

Backgrounds, Lightroom Presets & more…

Essential Lightroom Presets



These are the Lightroom Presets I have compiled over my 20 years as a professional photographer and have survived the test of time as I have gone through hundreds, if not thousands of presets, but these are the ones I keep coming back to and are some of the secret ingredients I use to make my award-winning images.

Lights Overlays



I have compiled these light textures during my 20 years as a professional photographer and I know they will help you create a distinct look very quickly and give you ideas on how to create your textures.

Skies & Clouds Backgrounds



One of the best ways to add a WOW factor to your photos is with a dramatic sky and these sky replacements can be added to any photo with a dull sky to make it pop!

Master your camera and create jaw-dropping works of art!

This bundle is for you if…

You feel distracted by your camera when you are shooting.

You wish your post-processing was more believable and impactful.

You struggle with lighting and posing your subjects.

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Scott Robert Lim Complete Pack
Original price was: $3,030.00.Current price is: $59.99.