Sean Bagshaw – Luminosity Mask Masterclass

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Sean Bagshaw – Luminosity Mask Masterclass

This all-new course is the latest and most complete resource for all the things luminosity masks, and other pixel-based masks can NOW do. In Photoshop, how good you are at using masks largely determines how much control you have over your image adjustments. Luminosity masks can give you the most nuanced and artistic control over your image developing.  Since my last luminosity mask course, the TK panel has advanced considerably and I have had several years to refine and expand how I use them. It all comes together in the Luminosity Mask Masterclass.

Whether you are just getting started with luminosity masks, are struggling to get the hang of them or simply want to expand your skillset, this is the right course. In addition to covering everything you need to know about luminosity masks, this course is an advanced manual for the TK Panel. If you are working towards Photoshop mastery this is the perfect follow up to my Photoshop Essentials course.

In the course, I use Photoshop CC and the TK7 Panel, particularly the TK7 Go Module.

NOTE: The TK Panel is not included with this tutorial. Also get the TK Panel or the TK Panel/Guide Combo on the Tutorials & Panels page and save using the two-item code: OEPcombo10.

“Kudos on this class. It is just what I come to expect from you–excellent work.  The additional resources.pdf is a goldmine also.”

– Dean Malencik


  • What are luminosity masks and other pixel-based masks?
  • How to create, modify and apply a wide range of masks.
  • Luminosity mask workflow tips.
  • When and how to apply masks.
  • How to evaluate and select the right mask.
  • 26 chapters on specific luminosity mask techniques including:
    • 3 exposure-blending techniques
    • Highlight, shadow and mid-tone control
    • Split toning
    • Color grading control
    • Clarity and sharpening
    • Noise reduction
    • Shadow detail extraction
    • Light sculpting
    • Fixing dark prints
    • And much more…


  • 50 video chapters
  • Nearly 5 hours of instruction
  • Single topic chapters for quick and easy reference
  • Practice images
  • Supplemental resources and tutorials
  • MP4 video format
  • 1920 x 1080 HD video resolution




Luminosity Mask Masterclass contents

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Sean Bagshaw - Luminosity Mask Masterclass
Original price was: $55.00.Current price is: $9.99.