SmartMarketer – Train My Traffic Person

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SmartMarketer – Train My Traffic Person with Molly Pittman and Ezra Firestone


Grow any business with Facebook ads post-iOS 14.5 📈

Can’t afford an expensive ad agency? Get coached by one instead! Learn Facebook, Google, and even TikTok ads directly from the professional media buyers who run the Smart Marketer Agency.

Work with Molly and our Agency team to master Facebook ads 🛠️

Receive a Professional Certification in Media Buying! 🏆

Learn the proven traffic system we use for all of our clients (updated for iOS 14.5) 🔄

Get the same benefits of hiring a $25K/month agency — for a fraction of the cost 💸


Train My Traffic Person 🚂👤

Join our hands-on, 13-week mentorship program that teaches you how to run ads just like the Smart Marketer Agency.

How This Mentorship Will Help You Succeed 🌟


That’s me! I’m one of the industry’s most sought-after media buyers and educators, and I’m honored to be your mentor for the next 13 weeks. 🙌


To give you the most up-to-date and advanced training possible, you’ll learn how to run ads directly from the professional media buyers at the Smart Marketer Agency. 🎓


25 sessions and over 40 hours of content, updated to tackle iOS 14.5 and the latest changes to the traffic landscape. 📚


To hold you accountable and help you reach your goals. 📅


Detailed implementation tutorials to help you set up, launch, and manage your campaigns. 🎥


Step-by-step worksheets and templates to guide you through every module (the same resources our media buyers use with our clients daily). 📊


Each week you’ll work with our team of agency professionals to answer your questions and get feedback on your campaigns to accelerate your progress. 🗣️


All media buyers are different; that’s why we limit the number of students so we can give you what you need to succeed in this program. 🤝


After we make it through the modules, we’ll make sure you’ve got everything you need with 3 extra Q&A sessions to address any final challenges or questions. 🌟

Become A Certified Meta Media Buyer

After completing this course and passing the final exam, you will receive a Professional Certification in Meta Media Buying!

Show the world that you’re skilled in Meta funnel building, asset creation (copy, creative, etc.), crafting offers & more.

Use your badge to sign new clients, land your dream job, or confirm a team member’s skills/completion of the course.

Validate your abilities with a stamp of approval from Smart Marketer and the world’s largest digital credential network.

Master Our 9-Step Traffic System

This is the same repeatable system we use with every one of our agency clients (and you can implement it for a fraction of the price it takes to hire us!).

And in Train My Traffic Person we teach you this structure step by step, so you can profit from your ad spend no matter what else is going on in the traffic landscape.

All YOU need to do is commit to learning and implementing the material.

A Course Curriculum Fully Updated For IOS 14.5

Sessions combine strategy, implementation & feedback to give you a
clear path to success in your media buying journey — yes, even after the iOS updates!

Each week includes a streamable training plus a live Q&A with your Coaches.


Setting The Strategy
Learn Molly’s 9-step process, The Traffic Engine, for building profitable, scalable paid traffic systems and an overview of what you need to succeed as a media buyer.


Crafting The Offer
The best-paid traffic campaign can’t overcome a bad offer, so to succeed as a media buyer you must first understand how to craft offers that convert for any paid traffic platforms.


Defining The Who & Why
Eye-catching ads start with knowing who you’re targeting and why they should care. This module will teach you how to define your customer persona and find them online.


Ideating Campaign Assets
In order to go fishing on any good paid traffic platform, you’ll need some sharp hooks! Get 20 proven hooks from Molly and learn how to customize them to your business.


Creating Campaign Assets
The last piece of the campaign puzzle is to actually build our the campaign assets! In this session, Molly helps you transform the tools you’ve built in the last 3 sessions into high-converting ads.


Building & Launching The Campaign
Campaign structure is the silent killer of an otherwise perfectly constructed campaign! In this session, Molly takes you by the hand and explains how to set up Facebook campaigns to convert.


Analyzing The Results
After a campaign launches, information rolls in. In this session, John shows how to sort winning campaigns from dead weight & how to track performance in the age of iOS 15.


Optimize The Campaign
80% of campaigns don’t work right off the bat. But rather than scrapping good assets, watch Molly show you her 5-step troubleshooting process to save your Facebook campaigns!


Scaling The Campaign
Once we’ve optimized a campaign, it’s time to bump up the spend (and return)! In this session, Molly will introduce the why and how of the key two kinds scale: Horizontal & Vertical.


Retargeting is one of most powerful levers for digital ads on any platform. This session will help you master this highly-profitable ad type and convert potential buyers into happy customers!


Scaling To Google & YouTube
Scaling off of Facebook is one of the best ways to get more from winning campaigns and ensure yourself against platform changes. This module will help you dive into Google & YouTube.


How To Succeed As A Media Buyer
Congratulations, you’ve mastered the 9-step traffic engine! Now that you know the core principles, expand your skills and performance by exploring additional marketing topics & tools.


Mastering TikTok
Learn TikTok Ads!

We’ve gone from $30K month to $150K+ and it’s all thanks to these guys but especially Molly. She takes the fear out of making ads and running an account at scale. She doesn’t over complicate it or have a uniquely special strategy. TMTP is the BEST paid traffic course available anywhere. I’ve done them all… and TMTP is on another level. This should be mandatory training for every marketer and business owner. I wish I did it sooner!

Hi, I’m Molly!

And becoming a professional media buyer completely changed my life.

When I decided to learn digital marketing, I was a bartender in Kentucky and I didn’t even know what paid traffic was.

Today, I’ve overseen $100 million in ad spend and taught thousands of marketers how to improve their advertising and push their careers forward.

So how did I manage to succeed in a crowded industry that’s constantly evolving??

Meet Your Coaches

Ezra Firestone

Founder, Smart Marketer

✓ Grew a $165 million brand using Facebook as main acquisition channel

✓ Helped teach 1,000s of marketers how to run ads through Smart Marketer courses

✓ World renowned expert in ecommerce and conversion optimization

Pepijn Hufen

CEO, Smart Marketer Agency

✓ Oversees $2 million in monthly ad spend

✓ A master of post-iOS 14 ad strategy

✓ Manages daily operations of Smart Marketer ad account

John Grimshaw

CMO, Smart Marketer

✓ Profitably directed over $7 million in ad spend

✓ 462 million sent emails over hundreds of promotional campaigns

✓ Helped drive a record-breaking year of growth for Smart Marketer

Dennis Paskalev

Senior Media Buyer, Smart Marketer Agency

✓ 5 years’ experience running ads for DTC brands of all sizes

✓ $12 million+ in profitable spend on Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat

✓ Worked with Support Pets, Teami, Brillia, Arrae, Hyperbolic Stretching

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SmartMarketer - Train My Traffic Person
Original price was: $1,997.00.Current price is: $99.99.