Twig & Olive Photography – Children and Families e-Workshop

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Twig & Olive – Children and Families e-Workshop

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a link to our personal portal to your e-Workshop membership! It includes all of the following:

  • Dedicated Workbook – Our 40 page guide that talks how to take your clients from the first inquiry to the final finished product.
  • Look Book and Posing Guide – A HUGE 100 page guide with images, settings, and commentary on beautiful images to learn from and be inspired for your next session.
  • Posing Videos – We’ve included 3 complete videos of us working with clients for you to learn from and observe how we flow our sessions, what we’re looking for in connections, and gain valuable tips, tricks, and techniques.
  • Editing Video – One of the most common questions we get asked is how we create the beautiful skin tones in our pictures … you can see how with this video.
  • The Tech of Photographing Motion Video – We’ll walk you through the challenging topics of camera focus systems, lens choices, how to calculate depth of field, and much more in this video dedicated to make advanced camera settings be accessible.
  • Portrait Contract Template – Our polished portrait contract template with a little customization can be immediately ready to use for your business.
  • Child and Family Email Templates – Have writer’s block and don’t what to say to your clients? These templates can help spur you on.
  • Lighting Guide – You think you know why you should shoot at sunset … but do you really know? We break down the challenges to shooting earlier in the day.
  • Lens Selection Guide – Focal lengths give so much variance in pictures, and this guide is dedicated to helping you pick the style that works best for your brand.
  • Print and Product Selling Template – There’s just no excuse to not selling products anymore. We’ve done all the hard work with pictures and pricing so you can sell to you clients immediately from various labs.
  • What’s Next Card – We give them to all of our clients – now you can have a version to guide your clients as well.
  • FAQs – A totally candid conversation with answers to some of the most common questions that we get asked at every workshop we teach


Our Complete Business Workshop! That’s right – you get our complete Business Guide ready to hone or replace your current business practices. This is sold separately for $200, but we’re including it as part of your bundle.


Special Discounts and Preferred Vendors! Ok, this is probably self explanatory, but this is all of our favorite vendors and print labs put into one document to get you rolling with new shiny things in your studio and amazing products for your clients. Yes, the discounts are that good!

What – you still want more? How about lifetime updates to the guides and content? How about a dedicated, private FaceBook group to have as your personal resource?

All of this is included.

This is the most complete resource we know how to put together, and we’ve done it all for you. There’s nothing we held back – you are getting the most complete teaching e-Workshop available online.

After purchase, you will be sent an email with a link to create your account with us on our online portal. From there you will have access to all of the documents to download and videos for streaming online. Check back often as any update or inclusions to the e-Workshop will be automatically updated on your end. You will always have access to the most up to date content!

We’re elated, exhausted, excited, and ready to exhale … we’ve poured so much of ourselves into this opportunity for you. We hope you love them and will make your business and your photography take off!

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This is a downloaded digital product, and as such there are no refunds, at all, and for any reason. Please make certain that you are purchasing the correct product. Please contact us prior to purchase if you are unsure which product to buy.

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Twig & Olive Photography - Children and Families e-Workshop
Original price was: $300.00.Current price is: $47.00.