Vera Change Education – Beauty Photography Course

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Vera Change Education – Beauty Photography Course

Gear, models & MUAs, lighting setups, posing, moodboarding & magazine editorials

My complete guide focusing on theory of beauty photography – how to start and how to create the best beauty images possible.

This course is following over 100 pages long presentation, where I explain every single important detail – it’s full of important information and advice that I’ve learned the hard way.

Dive into this course covering 7 important topics from where to find people to work with and choosing your team, as well as posing models and the best angles. Learn about cameras, lighting gear, studio equipment you will need, and much more! I provide you with all the theory and tips – and it’s up to you to put it into practice.

Extra with this bundle:

Model release form, TFP contract and release form, model’s checklist and photoshoot call sheet template.

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Videos in beauty course

1.jpg1. Planning the beauty shoot.png
1. Planning the beauty shoot
2.jpg2. The team.png
2. The team
3.jpg3. The gear.png
3. The gear
4.jpg4. Lighting setups.png
4. Lighting setups
5.jpg5. Posing models for beauty.png
5. Posing models for beauty
6.jpg6. Beauty editorials and creative work.png
6. Beauty editorials and creative work
7.jpg7. Culling and delivering images.png
7. Culling and delivering images
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Vera Change Education - Beauty Photography Course
Original price was: $150.00.Current price is: $29.99.