William Patino – Introduction to Landscape Photography Composition

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William Patino – Introduction to Landscape Photography Composition


These are the secret ingredients that will make a great landscape image incredible.

I want to help you learn the most important rules for composing better, more impactful, and dramatic photographs. Once you know these rules, you can start finding more interesting compositions. You’ll discover your own ways to break these rules, to bend them to what is true to your own aesthetic.

Build a relationship between you the artist, your camera, and the viewer.

This course is for you if…

You can’t effectively draw attention to important elements in a scene.

You’re not sure how to use natural lines in nature to complement your composition.

You’re not sure how much foreground and sky to include in your images.

Imagine you could…

Compose scenes with depth and layering to make compelling landscape images. Understand how best to use wide-angle lenses when capturing grand landscapes. Use composition like a pro, to tell incredible stories with your camera.

Hear What Photographers Have to Say…

“I really enjoyed seeing Will in action and gaining an understanding of what he looks for compositionally, and the techniques he uses to get the best “in camera shot” as possible.”
– Kate

“William Patino helped me create a better understanding on how to compose, process, and deliver messages. William takes the time to help you develop, regardless of your skill level, depending on what you need to improve to take your photography to the next level.”
– Obaid A

“Will helpfully shared his knowledge and I have learned techniques to apply in planning and scouting a location, taking the images, and in post processing.”
– Ian S

“I created this course to shed light on some of the things I like to consider when it comes to approaching the landscape and framing up different scenes. This course will give some guidance to those looking to gain a better understanding about composition and creating images that flow and lead the eye effectively.”

William Patino



In this lesson, Will introduces the course, outlining what’s ahead and things to consider.

In The Field

Learn to create visual flow and depth in a scene as you follow Will out into the field. Will discusses his approach to finding a composition and key considerations when framing a landscape in the f…

Composition Examples

Step into the studio as Will shares a selection of images, discussing the theory behind the composition.

Final Thoughts

Will breaks down his final thoughts and key points for you to consider when you next head out with your camera.

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William Patino - Introduction to Landscape Photography Composition
Original price was: $57.00.Current price is: $17.00.