William Patino – Night Sky Photography Retouching Masterclass

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William Patino – Night Sky Photography Retouching Masterclass


Discover my secrets for creating night sky images with infinite depth of field.

You don’t need to be in Iceland under the Northern Lights to create amazing astrophotography. Learn my entire process for shooting, prepping, and editing a huge night sky image so you can create breath-taking images of your own!

Master magnificent night sky photography.

This course is for you if…

Your night sky images never turn out like the ones you aspire to.

You’ve struggled to understand how to effectively focus stack your images.

You can’t produce sharp, dynamic, or professional-looking starscapes.

Imagine you could…

  • Master focus stacking and create epic night sky images with infinite depth of field.
  • Use all the tools and tricks that master landscape photographers use when shooting at night.
  • Create beautiful landscape compositions when shooting at night.


Hear what landscape photographers have to say…

“I was so honored to be a part of Williams’ process in this series. He actually shared some incredible insight into how he processes his own shots (which are stunning). I went out the same evening to shoot the stars using his set up guidelines and got a fantastic result.”
– F.P.

“I was thrilled to see a course specifically taking up nighttime photography. Capturing the sky at night time has been something I have had some difficulty with. Thanks so much!”
– R.W.

“William really walked you through the start to finish here. I was able to make some adjustments for some of the better nighttime images I have turned out yet. Wonderful! I could not recommend his courses more.”
– E.W.

“Capturing the night sky and northern lights can be incredibly exciting but also challenging. In this course, I share my techniques for shooting on dark nights, how to produce night images that are sharp from front to back with low noise plus, how I process dark scenes to enhance and make the most of them.”

William Patino

Units – 12

Length – 1h 30m

Level – Beginner



In this lesson, Will introduces the course, outlining what’s ahead and things to consider.

Basic Global Adjustments

Step into the editing suite and see how Will applies effective adjustments across multiple raw files.

Focus Stacking

Learn how to blend multiple exposures together to create an infinite depth of field with sharp details front to back.

Sky Replacement

See how to use layer masking to manually blend exposures.


In this lesson, Will shows how to use the clone stamp tool to repair portions of the image.

Foreground Masking

Learn how to use masks to repair portions of the foreground.

Local Adjustments For Light And Color

See how to use simple and effective editing functions to enhance color and light.

Dodging Light

In this lesson, Will uses the dodge tool to further enhance natural light across the landscape, bringing more depth and vibrancy to the image.

Color Balancing

See how to adjust individual colors for a more accurate and realistic result.


Tonal contrast is applied to create depth and impact.

Atmosphere And Saving

Will finishes up with some techniques for more atmosphere and shows his methods for saving high and low res imagery.


Will closes out the course with some final thoughts and considerations.

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William Patino - Night Sky Photography Retouching Masterclass
Original price was: $97.00.Current price is: $22.00.